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Classic Team Lotus 49

The Italian brand Fenix Racing presented the new Classic Team Lotus 49 body shell for their Classique Pan Car kit. The body is made utilizing the original drawings with the approval of the Classic Team Lotus, run by Colin Chapman’s son. 

The highly distinctive sleek and smooth lines were recreated with a challenging lexan mold build using both 3D cad technologies and manual craftsmanship, giving a race-worthy reproduction of the Classic Team Lotus 49.

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Drone Champions League

The Italian city of Turin this weekend hosted the second stage of the Drone Champions League (international championship of racing drones which takes place in 6 races, 5 in Europe and 1 in Asia). The Drone Gran Prix of Turin took place in the Murazzi Po area, inside a flight zone bounded by wire nets with a track built of portals and inflatable obstacles installed for the occasion.

Drone Champions League

The Danish APEX Racing team won both race days, beating the reigning British world champions XBlades Racing twice. If you are curious to see these flying racing drone in action, below find the official video published by DCL.

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Protoform teased two new High Performance RC Car bodies, the Turismo for 190mm touring car and the X-15 for on-road 1/8th Scale Racing Cars. The Turismo is an “LCG” body with a low center of gravity and high downforce to increase the grip of the model to the ground.

The X-15 it is designed to compete at the next IFMAR 1/8th IC Track World Championship, that will be held at the Steel City RC Speedway in California at the end of October.

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Roadkill 1.7

Are you looking for new aluminum beadlock wheels for your Scaler? RC4WD has just released the Roadkills 1.7″ licensed by Dirty Life Wheels. All four wheels are sold in one package and are compatible with most of the scalers on the market (TRX-4, Ascender, Wraith, SCX-10 and Venture).

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T-Rex 300X SC

Align announced their new T-Rex 300X SC 3D Helicopter Ready To Fly. The helicopter utilizes a new narrow body design, DFC Flybarless rotor head with 230mm main blades, 50mm tail blade and a high performance belt drive system (excellent for beginner or 3D flying). The 300X SC is equipped with high voltage digital servo DS450 and DS455, mini GRS with A.BUS receiver, RCE-BL25A ESC  and a 300MX (3700KV) brushless motor.

In the box you will find the A10 10-Channel radio, RCC-3SX AC battery charger (110-240V) and a 3S LiPo 1300 mAh/30C. Below more pictures of the T-Rex 300X SC with all the features.

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Come Drive With Us

Cory Drachenberg from 5150 Media Productions, in collaboration with Pro-Line have posted another video “Come Drive with Us” it features the 1/8 Nitro World Championships of Perth.

The facility was nothing short of amazing; the track, with it’s high speed and massive jumps, was equally impressive. This would be Australia’s first 1/8 worlds; how would this event compare to other championship races held over the past few years? Karting; Joes vs. Pros; watergate 2.0; rumors of gyros; Drivers getting fired; Coors; a last chance saloon; this worlds had it all!

Mike Garrison is back as the voice of the series as is our usual cast of characters including Ty Tessmann, Joe Bornhorst, Elliott Boots, Adam Drake, Bruno Coelho, Adam Drake, CJ Jelin, Ryan Maifield. We also welcomed some new faces to the series, so be sure to watch this amazing episode!

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