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Schumacher ATOM 2

At the end of September, Schumacher is going to begin the distribution of the new ATOM 2 1/12th Scale Pan Car. The all-new steel alloy chassis has a low centre of gravity, excellent for maximum cornering speeds. The all new Slide Pivot System is a low friction, bind free design that maximizes rear traction.

The ATOM 2 will be available in a carbon fibre and S2 fibre glass variant, both with the steel alloy chassis. Below, all the features and more images of the chassis.

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Fleta Pro V2 Revolution 1S

Muchmore has just revealed the brand new Fleta Pro V2 Revolution 1S. This redesigned version of the Fleta Pro features an all aluminium case offers better heat dissipation compared to the previous 2018 variant. This speed controller is develop for use with 1S LiPo batteries 3/4-cell NiMH, and therefore it’s aimed at 1/12th scale use. Its internal switch makes the wiring simpler as it removes the need for an external one.

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Xray X12 2020

After the teaser of a few days ago, Xray has released the images and features of the new X12 2020. The kit is based on the successful X12 platform and the all-new X12 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the Xray team drivers around the world.

The X12 was split into two different platforms, EU and US, each optimized for different track conditions out of the box.

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Rapide P12G Evo

Roche RC have introduced the new Rapide P12G Evo 1/12th scale Pan Car kit. This model, designed for competitions, uses many new parts such as a new 2.5mm high grade graphite main chassis and rear bottom pod and redesigned and 7075 aluminium low centre of gravity motor mount.

Other features include 7075 aluminum adjustable floating servo mount, graphite front lower arm and plastic pivot, aluminum front lower bulkhead, bell crank steering system, graphite front bumper and urethane large foam bumper and 64 pitch (16 balls) black spur gear.

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Serpent: PR120 Pro 1/12th scale pan car kit

Serpent announced the new S120 Pro 1/12th scale pan car based on the F110 SF4. Designers wanted to create a racing car easy to work on and durable without sacrificing performance. New innovative design for the rear pod with side bearings in linear guides replacing the sidelinks.

With a traditional sidelink design, designers use long side links to have the relative roll movement between pod and chassis as linear as possible. But no matter how long the links are, there is always a longitudinal component in the roll motion.

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Bittydesign: AGATA 1/12 scale clear body

Last month Bittydesign released the AGATA body for 1/10 scale GT cars and now its the time for the 1/12 models. This project was born from the desire to offer to the RC enthusiast all over the world a body shell that could recall our origins, Emilia land of engines and dream car manufacturers. Tested for several months the product combine a stunning realistic aesthetic together with performance at the top of the class.

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