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ARC: R12.1 Touring Car

If you are looking for a new racing touring car, ARC just released the R12.1 with many new parts and improvements that elevate the chassis to a new level of performance. Retaining the basic R12 architecture, the R12.1 remains an extremely easy car to build and maintain. By removing mounting holes for the R11 short arms, the R12.1 chassis features a slimline profile for reduced chassis scrub under hard cornering.

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ARC has introduced their new front wheel drive (FWD) 1/10th Scale Touring Car, the R11F. The R11F FWD is based on the successful R11 2019 platform and features front motor position for optimal FWD handling characteristics. The model share 95% of the spare and option parts from R11 2019, the R11F is perfect for both new and existing ARC owners.

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