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Mugen Seiki has introduced the new MTX7 1/10th Scale Nitro Touring Car. The kit is based on the MTX6R and features many high-end improvements to suspension, steering and adjustability to create a more drivable and competitive car. Some of the new features include a new bulk, chassis, bulkhead gear shaft, upper front arm, and servo saver. The MTX7 also a has improved rear traction, is more stable, and has a more adjustable steering setup.

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Adam Drake

Adam Drake from Mugen Seiki uploaded a new video where talks about toe. He will show us a couple of option parts for the MBX8 1/8th Scale Nitro Buggy, the rear suspension holder c-blocks +2 and +4 to adjust the toe and have a better handling of the car exiting from corners.

For those who are not familiar with this setup, below you can find a quick explanation of what toe is.

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MBX8 Eco Team Edition

Mugen presented the new MBX8 ECO Team Edition that includes many of the same parts from the MBX8 WE. The kit uses a 1mm wide offset wheel hubs will increase stability and cornering and the E2146 inline front uprights have smoother steering compared to the stock E2147 trailing front uprights and work great in high traction conditions. E2146 uprights can be used with both CVA and universal style driveshafts.

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Mugen Seiki Racing MBX8 Worlds Edition

Mugen Seiki have released the new 1/8 scale buggy MBX8 Worlds Edition. The racing buggy produced by the Japanese comapny includes many option parts used by Mugen Seiki drivers at the 2018 IFMAR World Championship. Mugen Seiki had four MBX8’s in the 60 Minute final with Ryan Maifield finishing on the podium! The part number for the MBX8 Worlds Edition is E2025 and includes the following items:

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