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XTR Racing nitro AR3 Tuned Engine

XTR RACING have introduced the new AR3 TUNED nitro engine designed for 1/8 scale of road RC models. AR3 engine is based on the last European Champion engine but incorporates numerous improvements and refinements with focus on maximum bottom and top-end power. The 3-port engine is designed and manufactured in Slovakia (Europe) and includes a ceramic bearing and diamond-coated crankshaft.

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Team Shepherd- Velox V82

Team Shepherd has revealed the Velox V8.2. This new racing 1/8 scale nitro car is based on the World and European Championship winning Velox V8 “WC” platform and is characterized by the use of high quality materials as well as precise manufacturing.

The brand new chassis of this nitro racer got improved flex characteristics and the optional carbon fiber inserts allows for better aerodynamics through a closed underbody. Pronounced chamfering gives even more room for chassis movement on fast cornering and the smaller battery holder fits logically into the lines of the vehicle.

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Mugen: Ninja JX21-B05 Buggy Engine

The Japanese Mugen Racing released the innovative Ninja JX21-B05 Off-Road Buggy Engine that features a 3-port long-stroke design that offers smooth low-end power and exceptional mid to top-end power. The crankcase, backplate and carburetor feature a new design. The new DLC-coated crankshaft is silicone filled and has two tungsten counterweights for smooth rotation and better balancing.

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Tekno RC's Oil Bath Break-in System

As we know the most tedious part of nitro racing has always been breaking in a new engine. It takes hours of your time, wastes fuel, and it’s easy to make mistakes. So Tekno RC created a proprietary automated process to ensure each engine is broken-in properly. Not only does an oil bath break-in save you time, but with proper maintenance, your engine will also last longer!

This process previously only available to our team, is now available to you.

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Performa P1 Nitro Engines


After P1 Radical 540 Stock brushless motors, Adrien Bertin, who won four IFMAR World Championship titles (two as a driver and two as the CRF Engineer), has designed the new Performa P1 nitro Engines. Choosing CRF technology as a base, Adrien went back to the drawing board to make it even better!

The P1 3 Port Engine combines excellent fuel efficiency and run time with the traditional aggressive bottom end and strong mid through top end of a 3 port design! It is a true, race worthy, 3 port engine design for Buggy and Truggy racers searching for a racing engine that makes them competitive every weekend!

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