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  Shepherd- Velox V10 Nineteen 200mm nitro on-road kit

A month ago Shepherd released the “Nineteen” conversion kit for the Velox V10 touring car and today announced the full Nineteen specification car kit.

The Shepherd Velox V10 ‘Nineteen’ is the latest development of the V10 platform and has already proven its capabilities by taking the third place with a pre-production version at the recent IFMAR 200mm Worlds in Miami, Florida is the hands of Edu Escandón.

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Infinity: 600cc fuel bottle

The Japanese racing brand Infinity has added a new fuel bottle to their line-up of accessories for nitro racing. The large capacity 600cc bottle is made from soft material for easy re-fuelling. This fuel bottle features the Infinity logo engraved on the black finished aluminum nozzle.

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HB Racing have introduced the D817T nitro truggy. Like its World Champion D817 teammate, the D817T has a reputation for toughness. Its race-proven 4WD system uses high strength steel center drive shafts, tough sintered diff gears, precision machined steel input gears and spur gear, and machined aluminum wheel hubs. The D817T comes with high efficiency CVA drive shafts that are fully rebuildable.

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