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O.S. Engines presented the new 3.5cc on-road nitro engine R2104, developed for 1/8th Scale Racing Competition. The engine features a 9-port power-plant to improve torque in low-middle power range with a redesigned DLC-coated crankshaft improved transition between low and high RPM.

The R2104 uses a new cooling head, fins enhanced for better air flow and better balance with the heat sink head anodized in two colors; black and red.

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OS Engines is celebrating the victory of Naoto Matsukura at the IFMAR Touring 200mm World Championship by announcing the limited edition OS Speed T1203 nitro engine. This version includes a “Gold Reducer” variant that will feature a 24K gold-plated 5.5mm venturi insert and special door timing that improves performance by lowering fuel consumption at low and mid-range RPM.

The engine will be available in two versions, one including the T-1070SC and M-1006SC exhaust sets.

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Matsukura is the new 1/10 Nitro World Champion

The Final of the 2018 IFMAR 1/10 On-Road World Championships was really interesting! After a messy start which saw Top Qualifier Dario Balestri and Super Pole winner Robert Pietsch jump the start and end up with a stop and go each. The defending champion Dominic Greiner got confused on what was happening and also came into the pits.

This mess let the multiple Electric Onroad World Champion, Infinity’s Naoto Matsukura, get the first position and then, at the end of the one hour Final, won another World title.

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OS Engines: Speed R21 Euro Spec & T1203

After the preview of last month, the Japanese OS has officially revealed features and release dates of the forthcoming Speed T-1203 and R21 Euro Spec engines (both designed for on-road racing). The R21 Euro Spec engine, designed for high-speed tracks by changing the crankshaft and cylinder / piston port timing and it features a new cooling head design, will be available this month. It will be sold as a combo set with the M2001SC manifold and T-2080SC exhaust.

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