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Adam Drake

OS Engines has presented the new competition nitro engine OS Speed B21 ADAM DRAKE EDITION II realized with the collaboration of Adam Drake.

The engine has been updated with a new 16.4mm x 16.55mm crankshaft which improves the driving feeling making it more linear and powerful and a new carburetor compatible with 6.5mm and 7.0mm Venturi. Below the promotional video and the engine specifications.

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OS Speed Racing Tires

The Japanese OS Engines, famous for it’s competition nitro motors has presented the new OS Speed Racing Tires foam tyre line for 1/8th and 1/10th Scale RC Cars. The 1/8th tires come pre-mounted on rims of different sizes: 30 shore and 32 shore front and 35 shore rear.

The 1/10th touring tyre range includes single compound 35 shore and 37 shore front as well as soft and hard dual compound front tyres.

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O.S. Engines presented the new 3.5cc on-road nitro engine R2104, developed for 1/8th Scale Racing Competition. The engine features a 9-port power-plant to improve torque in low-middle power range with a redesigned DLC-coated crankshaft improved transition between low and high RPM.

The R2104 uses a new cooling head, fins enhanced for better air flow and better balance with the heat sink head anodized in two colors; black and red.

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