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Performa Racing: Adrien Bertin's new brand

HB Racing manager and RC Racing legend Adrien Bertin has confirmed the launch of the Performa Racing brand in the next months.

Hello Adrien, let’s go straight to the point, what is Performa Racing?
Adrien: Hello everybody, I am really pleased to introduce you to the Performa Racing brand. Over the past 2 years we have had great success with HB Racing, and some of our HB team drivers wanted to use a complete Neidhart SA package that included the car & power source. After some talk with Neidhart SA owner Philippe Neidhart, we decided that the Performa concept will work alongside HB Racing. Performa Racing is a new Neidhart SA brand that will be treated with the same philosophy as HB Racing: Offer the best products with no compromise, aimed at the most demanding racers.

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