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Raceform - V2 EB_ET410 electronic tray

The US brand Raceform have introduced an updated version of their electronic tray (it holds the transponder, receiver, speed Controller) for the buggies Tekno EB410 and ET410. More stronger and durable, the V2 electronic tray features a 4-piece design and weighs only 28 grams with cover and screws. The parts are CNC machined and sport a laser-etched brand logo.

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Raceform- Lazer larger work pit

If you need help to keep you pit more organized, Raceform have introduced a new large, precisely machined from plexiglas, Lazer work pit. This new product offers two compartments with milled slots for easy pick up of shims and features an anti-slip foam below to assure more stability.

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Raceform: 1/8 scale on-road Perfect Wheel Arc Cutter

To make our life easier Raceform created the PERFECT WHEEL ARC CUTTER: the only tool that is able to trim a perfect wheel arc over and over again without any hassle. Thanks to this tool it’s possible to get improved performance thru better air flow and save you from damaging your nicely painted body during trimming.

A Perfect Wheel Arc ensure proper air flow and results in a more predictable drive.

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