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zTeam Trinity: HT-1980 Low Profile Brushless Servo

Team Trinity revealed a brand new Brushless Digital High-Torque, Low Profile, servo to their ever expanding electronics line. The HT-1980 servo has been engineered from the ground up to provide the smoothest, fastest, and highest torque possible in a sleek aluminum case. Not only is the servo in a sleek aluminum case, it also comes out of the box with a shortened 100mm servo wire to ensure clean and tidy install in all 1/10 vehicles.

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team trinity cooling-fan

Team Trinity introduced their new 40mm aluminum cooling fan set that was designed to snap snugly into the outer grooves of the D8.5 motor. Included are a blue anodized aluminum fan mount as well as a 40 x 40mm Cooling Fan with mounting hardware included in the package.

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X-Factor Spec brushless

Coming soon from Team Trinity is a new X-Factor Spec Class brushless motor. This motor is 10% lighter than previous models and has a new design that makes it possible to use short screws to mount the timing ring and the locking end plate. The new X-Flow cooling system reduces the overall weight and motor temperature.

Among the other features of the engine we find: a 2-piece CNC-machined aluminium can, a new stator design which provides a more efficient power curve and 2mm ultra-low resistance solder tabs.

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