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Tekno RC- NT48 2.0 Racing buggy

On December 3rd Tekno RC will finally release the NT48 2.0: the fastest and most durable nitro truggy that American brand has ever produced. The bar was set high with the legendary NT48.3 and its countless victories and podiums across the world.  The designers didn’t want to mess with the formula too much, and since the 2.0 platform had already matured, the proven features of the NB and ET48 2.0 would transfer directly to the new truggy. The recent supply chain issues granted an unexpectedly long testing phase and ensured all of the components were working in harmony.

The new Tekno NT48 truggy incorporates all of the 2.0 platform’s best features such as quick access diffs, incredibly free suspension, twisted caster front arms, and a decoupled radio tray.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Tekno RC!

Tekno RC, like all the other US based companies, is celebrating the Thanksgiving and has released a statement that should be read by hobbyshop owners and by everyone involved in the industry.

Tis the season for sales and specials. We often get messages asking about specials or lowered prices on our products during the holiday season. The simple answer is that we don’t have sales or offer discounts on products except for the occasional discontinued item. Some of our retailers may offer our products at a discounted price, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see a sale or special promotion on our website.

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Tekno RC have presented their new EB410.2 1/10th scale 4WD buggy kit. The buggy have many of the updated components from the ET410 and several all-new elements have been included to improve handling and durability. The model now include a front end sway bar system along with new 15-degree low roll center spindle carriers.

The suspension has been upgraded with new pistons and revised shock towers. In the rear, we have included new arms that allow front-mounted shocks, new adjustable roll center rear hubs, and a new, taller one-piece wing mount to help improve aerodynamics and roll characteristics.

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Pro-Line: Grunt 1.9” G8 rock terrain truck tyres

Tough Military trucks need tough tires! Introducing the all new Pro-Line Grunt 1.9″ Rock Crawling Tire. Pro-Line is ready to equip and mobilize the fleet of military rock crawlers with the all-new combat-ready Grunt 1.9″ tires! These tyres are made from G8 rock crawling compound and have been designed to give your military build the scale looks and performance that you need to outmaneuver the enemy.

Check the promotional video below!

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Tekno RC: NB48 2.0 Buggy Build

Follow along as Tekno RC gives some insight on how to build the new racing buggy NB48 2.0 with both photos and videos from Tyler Hooks.

Jared Tebo:The new NB48 2.0 is a great chassis platform, with a lot of new and exciting design features and concepts. Being new to Tekno, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from lap 1 in testing, I’ve been very comfortable. The design aspect of this car was to give the driver a much better racing experience on bumpy and challenging track conditions, and that’s exactly what the car gives you.

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NB48 2.0

Tekno RC has shared more information and features of their new NB48 2.0 1/8th Scale Competition Nitro Buggy. Below some quotes from drivers on their experience with this new buggy: Joe Bornhorst, Jared Tebo and Alex Zanchettin.

Joe Bornhorst:

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the 2.0 is drivability. No matter the condition, the 2.0 feels more in the track and more comfortable to drive than any Tekno buggy in the past. We ask a lot out of our cars during races, and now thanks to the new driveline and newly designed differentials, the buggy remains consistent during a race. Also, with all three diffs now being ‘easy access’, it’s a dream to work on. Going to the races recently, my confidence has never been higher, and a big part of that can be attributed to the 2.0.”

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Tekno NB48 2.0

Tekno RC is working on the new 2.0 version of the NB48 1/8th 4WD Competition Nitro Buggy. The vehicle is based on a completely new platform and includes many changes.

After over a full year of on-track testing and many, many revisions, Tekno has created a vehicle that maintains quality and durability while improving on the NB48 2.0 consistency and handling. In the next weeks, they will release new details and changes to this new platform. In the meantime, you can read the general list of the key features below.

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Tekno RC's Oil Bath Break-in System

As we know the most tedious part of nitro racing has always been breaking in a new engine. It takes hours of your time, wastes fuel, and it’s easy to make mistakes. So Tekno RC created a proprietary automated process to ensure each engine is broken-in properly. Not only does an oil bath break-in save you time, but with proper maintenance, your engine will also last longer!

This process previously only available to our team, is now available to you.

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