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Tekno RC's Oil Bath Break-in System

As we know the most tedious part of nitro racing has always been breaking in a new engine. It takes hours of your time, wastes fuel, and it’s easy to make mistakes. So Tekno RC created a proprietary automated process to ensure each engine is broken-in properly. Not only does an oil bath break-in save you time, but with proper maintenance, your engine will also last longer!

This process previously only available to our team, is now available to you.

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Raceform - V2 EB_ET410 electronic tray

The US brand Raceform have introduced an updated version of their electronic tray (it holds the transponder, receiver, speed Controller) for the buggies Tekno EB410 and ET410. More stronger and durable, the V2 electronic tray features a 4-piece design and weighs only 28 grams with cover and screws. The parts are CNC machined and sport a laser-etched brand logo.

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