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Tamiya decided to celebrate the DevBot 2.0: an electric racing car being used for Season Alpha competitions and developed by Roborace. The hardware is the same for each team so the only differentiator is the AI driver software the teams develop for the competition.

This futuristic racing car is all-electric and runs on the Nvidia DRIVE platform when in autonomous mode and can be driven by a human or artificial intelligence.

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Mini 4WD Sport 3D Printing

On February 23rd, the first event of the 2020 season was held in Rome, with Mini 4WD Sport.
The individual race: the “Safari Type 3“, based on rally raids of the 1980s, took place on a 2km course on mixed grounds, from asphalt to dirt.

For the occasion it was designed and 3D printed by Luca Tavernelli, a rally podium on a 1:32 scale, where the various sponsors of the event are shown.

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Team Associated has presented their new NanoSport 1/32th Scale RC Cars. The cars can be used to play a soccer, hockey game like the popular Rocket League video game. The package includes all you need to start having fun with a friend: 2 rechargeable cars, 2 radios, 2 balls, 2 pucks and 8 AA batteries.

NanoSport players will test their skills in a head-to-head face-off. Challengers strategically battle for possession of the ball or puck, while aggressively bashing and smashing into their opponent’s cars.

Below the video showing the cars in action.

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How to start running for Mini 4WD Sport!

Mini 4WD sport is a sporting discipline developed in the modelling field that takes place driving, using a special guide stick, similar to that used in hockey, models with 4-wheel drive in 1:32 scale. Modellers compete individually or in teams on rally or F1 style races.

There is not a sport in the world that combines the running to modelling technique, this peculiarity means that is awarded the ability to combine the three basic skills of the discipline:

  • Running skills (speed, endurance, agility in direction changes)
  • Modelling skills (in order to design and implement a performing model)
  • Specific driving skills

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What happens if dynamic modeling meets sport? The staff of Mini 4WD Sport tells it briefly in this article!
Dynamic modeling is the hobby of building, customizing and driving models, but have you ever thought of physically driving your scale model?
In the 80’s Tamiya decided to produce and market 1:32 scale reproductions of known 1:10 scale RC models, Hotshot, Avante, Hornet, to name a few of the most famous, calling them “Mini 4WD“.


They were the Jr. version of the big brothers who had already earned considerable success among Asian and other dynamic modelers.
The mini 4WDs are small model cars equipped with a class 130 engine, powered by 2 simple AA batteries, characterized by the absence of a steering system and the presence of four driving wheels.

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