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After the CAD previews of last month  finally HB Racing has officially unveiled the new D2 Evo racing buggy. The designer Torrance Deguzman did a great job creating one of the most modern 1/10th scale 2WD Buggy. This model features extensive use of precision CNC aluminum parts, woven carbon fiber, and composite nylon material.

The D2 Evo has a wide range of adjustability so racers can tune it for maximum performance on the wide variety of 1/10 racetracks around the world.

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Max Speed Technology: RMX RRX 2.5 S - Drift car

For all the RC drift fanatics out there, in February MST (Max Speed Technology) will released the new RMX RRX 2.5 S Drift Car. This model integrates two configurations of RMX and RRX in a two-in-one way so you can choose your preferred one to assemble the kit.

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The FireTeam 6S BLX Speed Assault Vehicle features military-styled, multi-panel body in matte black or matte white camo designs, fully detailed interior featuring four crew figures, full body roll cage integrated with the chassis roll hoop, bumpers, and chassis side structures, handbrake module operated by the Spektrum SLT3 radio’s third channel and multi-terrain dBoots FIRETEAM tires.

Check the video below to discover this new basher beast!

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