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Ruddog Racing TC Tire Warmers

If you are into RC racing a tire heating system help you get the best from your tires from lap one. Ruddog Products‘ Tire Heating System is available either with heating cups for 1/10th scale touring cars or with heating belts for 1/8th scale GT cars or buggies.

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JConcepts- Landmines tires for Traxxas UDR

If you are a lucky owner of the Traxxas UDR JConcepts annoucned the Landmines tires, available as pre-mounted, developed after tuning and analysis have reached the summit and now available to the UDR enthusiast. The design starts with a robust carcass carefully shaped and sized for a multitude of conditions and capable of bashing those difficult courses while being down-to-earth enough to carry a scale appearance.

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GRP Gandini: X-tech 1/8 GT tyres

GRP Gandini, the Italian company that has been producing tires for RC cars for over 35 years, has just announced the new X-Tech for 1/8 scale GT Nitro and Brushless. These tires available in two different designs (carved and slick), in 8 different compounds pre-glued on two different types of 20 spoke rims molded with special material and with flexible structure for maximum grip and balance.

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FireBrand RC: Blizzard-XDR 5˚Street Juice Drift Tire Set

FireBrand RC released the all-new Blizzard 5˚ beveled drift tires that preform exceptionally well on the street and the track. Prepare to get noticed showing-off your drift skills while sporting alpine-white tires. These new tires, part of the Street Juice Series, are made from the highest quality ABS plastic and rubber materials available and assure a controllable and predictable drift.

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HotRace 1 8 onroad Lens tires dettaglio

After 10 months of development he Italian company HotRace finally revealed their new product for the 1\8 on road class: LENS TYRES that feature a different foam propriety and an innovative rim material that never change with different weather conditions. These tyres are produced in limited number (only 300 sets every month) and will be on sale from 22th of February!

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Duratrax Belted-Mounted Tires

Horizon Hobby revealed the new Belted & Mounted Tires (produced by Duratrax) that feature the Micro Fiber Tech (MFT): a new innovation and technology which combines a unique woven belt and a special adhesive formula that perfectly bonds within the carcass of the tires. Therefore, its quality is retained over the entire lifetime of the product.

During driving, MFT belted technology effectively reduces and limits the rate of distortion and deformation of the tire, which provides a much more stable and a pleasant driving experience – especially at the high speeds of today’s RC cars.

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