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Tech Talk: DBoots HOONS 42/100-2.9 Tires

ARRMA, one of the most popular RC brand among bashers, has posted a new video with Chris Doughty, who explains the features and benefits of the new compound DBoots HOONS 42/100-2.9 tires. These multi-surface all-road tires (Pre-glued for trouble-free fit and servicing), mounted on ARRMA wheels, are direct replacements for your RC car.

Check the video below!

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AKA: Scribble tires Official Announcement

For 2020 AKA has just announce the first of many new tire designs for 1/10 buggies. The Scribble series of tires is a clean sheet redesign. Gil Losi put in over a year’s worth of research and testing to develop the Scribble. Several prototypes were 3D printed every week until the right proportions were achieved. 100’s of hours of track time were spent testing and proving concepts and theories with hand built tires.

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Pro-Line: Reaction HP SC Drag Racing BELTED Tires - Video

The all new Pro-Line Reaction HP SC Drag Racing BELTED Tires are perfect match for the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Pro-Mod Clear Body (designed for Slash 2wd Drag Car) and will give you the most contact patch without sacrificing traction. The American brand declares: “Become the fastest at the drag strip with the most stability ever produced in an Short Course tire”.

Check the promotional video below!

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Smart Workshop

Smart-Workshop, the same company that produced the Smart Engine Break-in System a few months ago, presented the new Smart Tire Truer. This truer is compatible with 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12th scale model car tires (using a special adapter) and allows the diameter of the tires to be reduced to the size you want.

The Tire Truer is equipped with a color touch screen with a simple and fast interface, where you can set truing parameters and save different profiles. Below the main features and the link to the manufacturer website.

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JConcepts have just created an all-new 1.9” performance scale tire, The Landmines, developed over two years of testing and designed for the crawling enthusiast. The tires include a soft open cell foam insert capable of standing up to the super soft compound but flexible enough for sharp terrain.

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aka Pro Multi Tip Tire Punch

The American brand AKA has just updated its own tire punch, that is probably the best selling in the market. The all new Pro Multi Tip Tire Punch features a new cantilever design to increase punch pressure and reduce hand fatigue. The redesigned handle has plastic cover on the lower handle to more comfortably fit your hand.

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IFMAR 1/10th Electric 4WD Off Road Worlds - Thursday Practice

The 2WD class of the 2019 IFMAR 1/10th Electric Off-road World Championships is over and now it’s time of the 4WD buggies. Meanwhile we wait for the start of the live streaming produced by our friends at RC Racing TV, TLR teases us with first look at their new 4WD competition buggy that will debut today.

The Four Wheel Drive Cars and drivers start their journey towards a world championship! Check the live streaming video below!

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