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A few days ago, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the first ever LEGO Technic Top Gear Set controlled via the LEGO Technic CONTROL+ has been revealed.

LEGO Top Gear Rally R/C Car – 42109

Smart-Workshop, the same company that produced the Smart Engine Break-in System, presented the new Smart Tire Truer compatible with 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12th model car tire.

Tire Truer with Touch Screen

Team Magic has uploaded a new video showing two new color for the SETH Desert 1/8th Scale 4-wheel drive Buggy with new electronics.

SETH Desert Buggy New Colors

Redcat Racing has presented the new Scout II Gen8 AXE Edition (RTR) crawler features a new HobbyWing XERUN sensored Bluetooth AXE brushless system.

Scaler: Scout II Gen8 AXE Edition

Protoform: 1967 Dodge Dart VTA Body

This year PROTOform celebrates its own 30th anniversary. In 1991 former GM employee Dale Epp began considering his next career move. Little did he know that a casual stroll into a local magazine shop would change his life forever. After flipping through the pages of an RC Car Action magazine, Dale came across a few colorful photos showing 1/10th scale cars. That moment inspired Dale to market his God-given design skills of style, realism and aerodynamics to the RC industry.

The latest body released by this US brand is a celebration of the glory days of American road racing: the 1967 Dodge Dart.

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Carisma- Coyote 2.1 - Crawler 4WD RTR in scala 1 10

Our friends at Carisma Scale Adventure are proud to announce the release of their new SCA-1E Coyote 2.1. Their most successful rig ever, has evolved to becomes our best performing rig out of the box too! Designers kept the look that inspired thousands of owners globally but took the Spec and Performance to a whole new level.

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Axial- RBX10 Ryft Smart Rock Bounce in scala 1 10 action

Axial just revealed another first with their new RBX10 Ryft 4WD. This RTR vehicle lets any RC driver experience the thrills of rock bouncer off-road action. Full-size rock bouncers refuse to stop — or even back down on the throttle — when facing steep climbs and massive rocks. So this 1/10 scale bouncer is definitely going to be super happy to bash with!



Licensed Interco TSL Bogger tires on Raceline wheels, aided by long travel front and rear shocks, do their part to tame wild off-road tracks. These features, along with a full-time 4WD transmission, make the RBX10 Ryft the perfect vehicle to send over the trails at full throttle.

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RC4WD: Breaker/Hammer Accessory for 1/14 Scale Earth Digger

If you like excavators RC4WD revealed the Breaker/Hammer for the Earth Digger 360L Excavator designed to destroy things with your RC model! This accessory has a realistic CNC machined billet aluminum housing, weights a staggering 2.1 Kg and includes electronic control unit.

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lego A suspension design that allows to have a remotely locked differential without adding extra width.

If you are into LEGO RC models you will be happy to discover that he legendary Technic designer Sariel has just addressed the well-known problem of open LEGO differentials, which are prone to slip situations (when one wheel has less traction than the other, it becomes the only driven wheel on the axle which can stop the whole vehicle) and which can be locked but this results in very wide suspension units which are unusable for most models.

As you can see in the video below, moving the differential up, however, it’s possible to keep the suspension’s width unchanged at the cost of added height.

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