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Kyosho at the Nurember Toy Fair 2019 show the new re-release of the Turbo Optima. The model is a replica of the historic off-road buggy of the 80s.

Kyosho: Turbo Optima 2019

Horizon Hobby presented the updated version of the 1/18th Scale Rock Crawler Temper Gen2. The model is Ready to Run and come with a waterproof electronics.

ECX Temper Gen2 4WD

Exactly three years after LEGO’s legendary 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Billund’s designers choose to create a replica of the 911 RSR. This new set is already on sale in Japan.

Porsche 911 RSR - SET 42096

Last weekend, at the International Off-Road Carpet Championship in Las Vegas, Team Losi Racing showed the new racing buggy TLR 22 5.0.

TLR 22 5.0 2WD Racing Buggy

Traxxas: new TQi Telemetry GPS Speed Module 2.0

Traxxas have revealed the new Telemetry Expander 2.0 that with the installed GPS Module 2.0 provides the most accurate speed data possible. The GPS Module 2.0 uses both GPS and GLONASS global positioning to deliver precise, real-time speed information. Traditional telemetry sensors use the car’s gear ratio and tire size to calculate speed based on RPM but on loose surfaces this causes inaccurate readings.

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Steering Guard Plate

Soon RC4WD will begin distribution of a Steering Guard Plate made for the Traxxas Ford Bronco. This accessory consists of a steel protection plate for the steering linkage. It feaures a Bronco logo and a series of holes that reduce it’s weight to 20.5 grams.

Using this plate you can be sure that the steering system is protected even during the most extreme crawling phases.

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HRC Racing has begun the distribution of the 68112CAR Low Profile sevo, introduced at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The servo features 0.04s/60° of speed and a torque of up to 13kg/cm at 8.4V. Among the other features we find short “all black” 80mm servo wires, laser engraved aluminium middle case, brushless motor, metal gear and high quality Double Ball Bearings.

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 FireBrand RC HighFive-PRO-SERIES-Wheels

The new 1.9″ aluminum wheels from FireBrand are ready to roll. Weighing in at one ounce each – you’ll notice a higher sense of control and agility. Sporting 9 millimeter hub off-sets up front and deep, 12 millimeter off-sets in the back lowers your car’s center of gravity and provides a smoother and more controlled set-up. This premium wheel set is built to last as oit’s made with thick, solid aluminum (galaxy-black with gun-metal accents).

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Gen8 P-A-C-K

At the end of February, Redcat Racing will begin the distribution of the new Gen8 P-A-C-K (Pre-Assembled Chassis Kit) Crawler. The model is designed for those who want to save time assembling the chassis and focus only on the choice of electronics, wheel, tires and body.

The Gen8 P-A-C-K already includes many of the features custom builders look for, and is ready to be transformed into a high performance Rock Crawler.

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RUDDOG presented their new Sanwa compatible RR482 2.4GHz 4-channel FHSS4 receiver. The RR482 support FHSS4 and FHSS3 transmission system and can be used with the latest M17 and MT-44 transmitters, but also older M12S, RS, MT-4 and M11X radios.

This receiver fully supports Sanwa’s SHR and SSR technologies, offering the same features and super-fast signal transmission as the original Sanwa receivers.

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 Monaco RC: Diff Check Plus

Monaco RC have release the new Diff Check Plus: the most beautiful and versatile device for Diff measurement in the market!  This device, developed in Italy, with its reduced dimensions that make it pocketable, inside it is allocated components that allow the spin of every kind of oil hardness of every categories.

The aim of the Diff Check Plus development was to create a product with an appealing design and new technical solutions in order to satisfy the most demanding drivers and mechanics.

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