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Take a look to the new models presented at the 58th Annual All Japan Model and Hobby Show. The Fair was held at Tokyo's Big Sight at the end of September.

All Japan Model and Hobby Show 2018

Spektrum has dropped a real bomb: the new Smart Technology product series. With this system LiPo batteries practically take care of themselves.

Spektrum Smart Technology

Sariel, the most famous LEGO Technic fan in the world, is selling one of his masterpieces on ebay: a 1/8 scale LEGO replica (radio controlled) of the 1970 Porsche 917K.

The $2500 LEGO Porsche 917K R/C

Martin Limpens, a 40 years old maker from the Netherlands, has built an amazing 1/5 scale replica of a Jaguar 980: a self-propelled forage harvester that is built by Claas.

Claas Jaguar 980 scratch build replica!

Muchmore Fleta M8 V2

Muchmore have introduced the new Fleta M8 V2 Competition 180A brushless speed controller for 1/8th scale on-road and off-road models. The ESC support 2-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole motor and is compatible with LiPo 6S battery.

The Fleta M8 V2 comes with a cooling fan and pre-programmed with settings that are suitable for most applications and track conditions.

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RealFlight 8 Horizon Hobby Edition

RealFlight is the most famous RC flight simulator and it’s the best solution if you wanna learn how to fly. This software is not only for beginners: if you are an experienced RC pilot you can use it to practice new maneuvers and hone your skills. With 150 different aircraft to fly (RC airplanes, helicopters, drones, etc) at over 40 different flying sites, plus the ability to edit aircraft and sites, there’s an almost infinite number of flying options available.

The Horizon Hobby Edition of RealFlight 8 is what almost everyone has been asking and waiting for as it adds the exclusive technologies and some of the most popular aircraft from famous brands like E-flite, HobbyZone, ParkZone, Hangar 9 and Blade to deliver an experience you simply can’t find anywhere else.

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R-Tek GT


Exotech, famous for the production of conversion kits and optional parts for the most popular RC brands, has introduced the USGT / GT classes R-Tek GT 190mm Body Shell. The body has 2 trim lines marked on the bottom, one for low profile shock towers and a second setup mark for extra low body mounting on cars such as the AX800.

The wing also has 2 trim lines, one is the 10mm USGT legal trim line and a second with a 20mm trim line similar to sedan wings for extra downforce.

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Hong Nor has published the first image of the new X3 GTS 1/8th Scale Nitro GT Pro KIT on its Facebook page. The model will arrive in hobby shops next year. At the moment there is no information apart from this image. Watch this space for the next update.

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Traxxas: 4Tec 2.0 Cadillac CTS-V body

Traxxas revealed the Cadillac CTS-V body for the 4Tec 2.0 1/10th chassis. With 640 raging horsepower on tap, the original CTS-V is the most powerful car Cadillac has ever sold. Its 200 mph top speed also makes it the fastest. Traxxas replica captures the cutting-edge style and ferocity of this monster sedan. This body is available in blue or silver and feature injection molded side mirrors and rear spoiler.

Check this new Cadillac CTS-V body in action as the 4-Tec lays down some serious rubber in the video below!

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Twister RC- Sanwa mt4 Radio skin

If you wanna change the look of your Sanwa transmitter, Twister RC have introduced new skin wrap stickers. These sets are compatible with Sanwa/Airtronics M17,M12,MT44 and MT4 transmitters. Designed to protect and customize your transmitter, these Sanwa skin wraps are available in four different “metallochrome” wave patterns including green, blue, purple and yellow.

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