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Align announced their new T-Rex 300X SC 3D Helicopter Ready To Fly. The helicopter utilizes a new narrow body design and DFC Flybarless rotor head.

Align T-Rex 300X SC 3D Ready To Fly

Looks like HPI Racing is coming back!! The UK based brand have announced that “change is coming” with a new ownership of its global operation.

HPI Racing: Change is coming!

What happens if dynamic modeling meets sport? The staff of Mini 4WD Sport tells it briefly in this article! Dynamic modeling is the hobby of building, customizing and driving models.

Mini 4WD Sport: Hobby & Running!

I’m Jun Watanabe, and from now on, I’ll be writing this column for Hobby Media. I’m a designer living in Japan. If you’re an avid Tamiya fan, you may already know my name.

Jun Watanabe on Hobby Media!

Come Drive With Us

Proline and the 5150 Media Productions have uploaded a new episode of Come Drive With Us Series with the IFMAR 1/10th Scale worlds were held in Xiamen, which is on the South Eastern Coast of China, and the event was absolutely amazing.

Unless you don’t really follow the professional R/C scene, you probably already know that Ryan Maifield won both the 2WD & the 4WD events at these worlds. But it was no easy path for him. In-fact, after the first practice day, many thought he just might rage-quit.

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Xray continues to update its models and this time it’s the turn of the 2019 XT8E 1/8th Scale electric truggy kit. Based on the XT8 platform, this new electric kit incorporates the latest improvements and refinements of the XT8. The chassis uses a all-new front suspension geometry featuring new C-hubs and steering blocks along and features front and rear CVD drive shafts, zero king pin steering block with exchangeable steering plates for Ackermann adjustment and a rear shock tower redesigned to fit the new wing mount and gearbox brace.

Also the we will find a new 40% lighter wing mount for super-low CG with new mounting locations, softer ribbed shock membranes and 2.6mm front anti-roll bar improved corner speed. The chassis design is fully compatible between XT8 & XT8E platforms.

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HB Racing have published a couple CAD images of the new E819 1/8th scale electric buggy kit. The latest iteration of the World Champion line of buggies from HB Racing, the E819 adds the latest high performance parts to keep it ahead of the competition. The E819 takes all of the improved features introduced with the E817 V2 and adds a host of new details designed to make it faster and more durable.

A new chassis adds 2mm to the wheelbase for improved handling and jumping while chassis strength has been increased with a new thicker aluminium centre brace.

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Yokomo has released the first images of the new YD-2RR 1/10th Scale Drift Car. The RR design offers a new balance with the motor in the back part of the chassis. The model is based on the YD-2E-series, a low center of gravity high speed drifting chassis.

The YD-2E-series utilised a Front steering block and Front/Rear Short Lower Arm with a low friction shock and mat graphite main chassis which enables the use of any type of battery in various positions.

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Speed XS02 V8

Xtra Speed announced the new XS02 V8 313mm wheel base 1/10th Scale Crawler kit. The XS02 V8 features adjustable shock angles and adjustable steering geometry. The Axles come with protectors to protect it from obstacles on the trail, steering knuckles have been engineered to provide the largest steering angle whilst keeping enough material to be strong enough to handle anything on the trail.

Speed XS02 V8

The engine is mounted at the front of the chassis, right underneath the hood of the body: exactly the same as in the real car adding to the scale realism of this rig.

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LEGO Technic 42097 Compact Crawler Crane

Next month LEGO will release two Technic sets that are going to be pretty popular among adult fans: the Car Transporter (42098) and the Compact Crawler Crane (42097). This new crane features several stabilizers and a working lift function that resembles those from the almost ten years old classic Mobile Crane (8053).

If you wanna discover all details of this new LEGO Technic set down worry: our friend Sariel posted a complete in-depth video review that you can watch below.

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