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Carisma: Coyote 2.1 Crawler - New Video

Our friends at Carisma Scale Adventure from Hong Kong have just posted a new promotional video of their new SCA-1E Coyote 2.1. Their most successful rig ever, has evolved now utilizing the Gen 2 layout as standard, with CMS Mount offering a forward weight bias to aid crawling, with the battery pack and Steering Servo up front and ready for action!

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Carisma: GT24 RS - 4WD RTR Rally Car

The GT24 RS from Carisma Racing is a news 1/24th Retro Micro Rally Car that’s inspired by the classic era of 70’s and 80’s Rally Car history. The body is a nostalgic nod to the classic RWD Rally pioneers, but this version stays firmly in 4WD territory, offering the best in Retro Looks and a Modern RC Driveline.

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Carisma- Coyote 2.1 - Crawler 4WD RTR in scala 1 10

Our friends at Carisma Scale Adventure are proud to announce the release of their new SCA-1E Coyote 2.1. Their most successful rig ever, has evolved to becomes our best performing rig out of the box too! Designers kept the look that inspired thousands of owners globally but took the Spec and Performance to a whole new level.

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With the success of the 1/10th Scale SCA-1E 1976 Ford F-150, Carisma Scale Adventure has released a new MSA-1E 1/24th Scale with a black body of this iconic truck. The chassis is Ready to Run and include new features like Lower Gearing, Gen 2 Motor with a built in Protection Circuit, A Gen 2 Servo Saver and is also ‘FPV Ready’, with a dedicated power socket to power All-in-one FPV Cams.

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GT24 Hyundai i20

Carisma has announced two new 1/24th Scale models: the GT24 Subaru and the GT24 Hyundai i20. Both of them will arrive soon in hobby shops Ready to Run and brushless powered. The models will feature an 8000kv brushless motor, 2.4GHz radio and rally pin tires.

Included with each model is a 2.4GH KD Propo CTX 2000 radio with MRS-24BL receiver, a 7.2v NiMh battery pack and 5V USB charger.

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Carisma SCA-1E subaru brat

Few days ago, our friends at Carisma announced their latest addition to the Scale Adventure series: an impressive replica of the iconic 1986 Subaru Brat build on the SCA-1E platform.

The original Subaru Brat was designed in Japan as an Export Only and it soon had a global following, with even President Ronald Reagan owning one on his ranch late into the 90’s. 

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