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Adam Drake

OS Engines has presented the new competition nitro engine OS Speed B21 ADAM DRAKE EDITION II realized with the collaboration of Adam Drake.

The engine has been updated with a new 16.4mm x 16.55mm crankshaft which improves the driving feeling making it more linear and powerful and a new carburetor compatible with 6.5mm and 7.0mm Venturi. Below the promotional video and the engine specifications.

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SETH Desert Buggy

Team Magic has uploaded a new video showing two new color for the SETH Desert Buggy. This 4-wheel drive buggy is powered by a 100Amp THOR WP-8100 waterproof electronic speed control combined with 2500 kv brushless motor (14,8). The model has a speed of 80km/h powered with 4S LiPo battery.

The chassis is made of 4mm strong ultra lightweight aluminium and uses a 16kg/cm Savox steering servo and waterproof (splashproof). The It includes three differentials equipped with CNC machined bevel gears.

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Tekno RC have presented their new EB410.2 1/10th scale 4WD buggy kit. The buggy have many of the updated components from the ET410 and several all-new elements have been included to improve handling and durability. The model now include a front end sway bar system along with new 15-degree low roll center spindle carriers.

The suspension has been upgraded with new pistons and revised shock towers. In the rear, we have included new arms that allow front-mounted shocks, new adjustable roll center rear hubs, and a new, taller one-piece wing mount to help improve aerodynamics and roll characteristics.

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XB2 2020

Xray has announced that from 6th November the distribution of the new XB2 2020 Edition will begin around the world.

Juraj Hudy: So here it is. This is how the final pre-production prototype of the all-new XB2 2020 looks like. Of course for the final production plenty of details were refined and redesigned and just in few days you will see the final car and the result of our hard work. I hope you have enjoyed the exclusive photos in the last days from the different stages of the development of the car with some insight informations.

XB2 2020

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SWORKz S14-3 Dirt

After last month teaser SWORKz has presented their new S14-3 Dirt 1/10th scale 4WD electric buggy kit developed for dirt tracks. The chassis is based on the 2018 S14-3 carpet edition and comes with a new center gear differential system, 5mm Axle Universal Cross Drive Shafts that were specially designed and made from SWORKz 1/8th buggy steel material.

For dirt off road racing, Sworkz kept the original S14-3 C-hub steering system but moved back the motor and battery positions.

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HB Racing E819

New from HB Racing is the E819 electric 1/8th Scale Racing Buggy. The E819 takes all of the improved features introduced on the 2019 DNC E-Buggy champion E817 V2, and adds a host of new features designed to make it faster and more durable.  A new chassis adds 2mm to the wheelbase for improved handling and jumping. Revised rear hub carrier graphite plates and thin hex hubs enhance track performance.

The E819 drivetrain features a heavy duty machined & lightened steel spur, 43/13 front and rear differentials, and a revised 36mm rear center dogbone.

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