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Mephisto 21 GT5

Novarossi has presented the new Mephisto 21 GT5 5 ports extra long stroke 1/8th GT nitro engine. This Engine uses a new R4/18 conrod, redesigned and made with a special aluminum alloy that allows it to have a high resistance while maintaining the lightness and performance of the previous R4/17.

The sleeve has 5 transfer ports and an exhaust with booster ports. The special shape and positioning of the ports improve the internal fluid-dynamics to obtain the maximum possible performance.

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Reds Racing has introduced a new 3.5cc 1/8 on-road engine called WCX PRO TUNED. They have been developing and testing this engine with their best team drivers and distributors for over a year to release the fastest engine ever released. The WCX PRO is based on M7 WCX engine with a further handmade preparation to the sleeve and crankshaft to obtain improved fluid dynamics efficiency. Furthermore, they have modified timing to make this engine incredibly fast.

This engine is totally hand inspected and tuned by Mario Rossi in person and has been specifically developed for people looking for the same speed and specs wanted by a Pro Factory Team driver.

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B4 Engine

Maxima Mx has announced their forthcoming B4 3.5cc off-road nitro engine for 1/8th Scale Racing Car. The B4 Engine is based on the O.S. Speed Power Plants and will be available as low profile heatsink (B4S) or standard heatsink (B4R). Both engines come pre-run and are available for pre-order. By pre-ordering you can add a special back plate with your name engraved.

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721 Corsa

REDS has introduced the new nitro off-road engine 721 Corsa with a 7 port, based on S Line 721 Scuderia. The Reds Racing objective was to release a new engine similar to 721 Scuderia at a reasonable price. Both engines feature high reliability, tuning stability and great fuel mileage.

REDS new generation engines are produced with different materials, from different suppliers and with new technologies. S line engines feature new materials for piston, sleeve and crankcase in order to optimize thermal expansion and improve power. Below the differences between the 721 Corsa and the 721 Scuderia.

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O.S. Engines presented the new 3.5cc on-road nitro engine R2104, developed for 1/8th Scale Racing Competition. The engine features a 9-port power-plant to improve torque in low-middle power range with a redesigned DLC-coated crankshaft improved transition between low and high RPM.

The R2104 uses a new cooling head, fins enhanced for better air flow and better balance with the heat sink head anodized in two colors; black and red.

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XTR Racing nitro AR3 Tuned Engine

XTR RACING have introduced the new AR3 TUNED nitro engine designed for 1/8 scale of road RC models. AR3 engine is based on the last European Champion engine but incorporates numerous improvements and refinements with focus on maximum bottom and top-end power. The 3-port engine is designed and manufactured in Slovakia (Europe) and includes a ceramic bearing and diamond-coated crankshaft.

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World Champion Products has introduced the new VSR04 3.5cc nitro on-road engine. The engine feature a new and exclusive super long stroke .21 power plant and is based on the O.S. Speed R2102. Among the others features you will find some additional touches, such as the VS Bi-Turbo crankshaft, VS Spec combustion chamber, the Euro Spec liner and piston and an O-ring protect the combustion camber insert.

The engine is designed for competition on-road racing and is available separately or including a VS2098/M2001 exhaust system.

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