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Flash Point: FP02 competition nitro engine

If you love the smell of nitro Flash Point just have announced their new FP02 off road competition nitro engine with a long stroke design that provides amazing power and great fuel consumption. Based off the Spec 2 configuration, the FP02 now features a DLC coated crankshaft, black case, and black 21J carburetor. This engine is designed for use in nitro buggy and truck applications.

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Tekin: 21sR .21 Nitro buggy engine

Tekin has revealed the new 21sR .21 Nitro buggy engine that is manufactured in Japan and will be available (for only one day) on June 31st. The long stroke 21sR provides an incredibly smooth powerband and exceptional fuel delivery N3 3-needle carb setup and rad red engine cooling head are included.

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REDS Racing 721 Scuderia Gen2 Engines

Italy – Reds Racing reveleaed the new 721 SCUDERIA GEN2 engine. Due to the success of 721 Scuderia GEN1 engine in recent competitions the Italian brand decided to maintain the main features unchanged and improve the carburetor with new materials to increase reliability. Furthermore, the new carb features a new double grab screw joint link to facilitate positioning and fitting with the servo link.

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M5 Tuned V2.0

Modelix Racing has presented their new Ultimate M5 Tuned V2.0 Nitro Engine for 1/8th Scale buggies and trucks. The M5 V2.0 is a 5 port engine with long-stroke and tuned crankshaft configured for all those drivers who look for a powerful and linear engine with good power at both low and high R.P.M.

The 5 port sleeve creates a linear power output and keeps fuel consumption low. The tuned crankshaft is manufactured with a larger bore intake to increase the mixture flow, and has a special shape to optimize gas-flow in the engine.

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721 Scuderia Anniversario

The Italian engines brand Reds Racing has announced the new 721 Scuderia Anniversario is now available. The engine is a limited edition produced in just 100 pieces for the Reds Racing 10th Anniversary.

Due to the success of 721 Scuderia in recent 1/8th off-road competitions Reds has decided to maintain the main features unchanged and give a new look to this engine with a Black cooling head with gold writings recalling 721 Scuderia design and customized Packaging.

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Mephisto 21 GT5

Novarossi has presented the new Mephisto 21 GT5 5 ports extra long stroke 1/8th GT nitro engine. This Engine uses a new R4/18 conrod, redesigned and made with a special aluminum alloy that allows it to have a high resistance while maintaining the lightness and performance of the previous R4/17.

The sleeve has 5 transfer ports and an exhaust with booster ports. The special shape and positioning of the ports improve the internal fluid-dynamics to obtain the maximum possible performance.

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