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721 Corsa

REDS has introduced the new nitro off-road engine 721 Corsa with a 7 port, based on S Line 721 Scuderia. The Reds Racing objective was to release a new engine similar to 721 Scuderia at a reasonable price. Both engines feature high reliability, tuning stability and great fuel mileage.

REDS new generation engines are produced with different materials, from different suppliers and with new technologies. S line engines feature new materials for piston, sleeve and crankcase in order to optimize thermal expansion and improve power. Below the differences between the 721 Corsa and the 721 Scuderia.

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Reds Racing 4S LiPo Packs

The Italian brand Reds Racing have expanded their electric accessory line introducing two new hardcase LiPo Packs. They have been working on this project for over a year together with their team to offer the high quality performance batteries is possible. Their first batteries available are a LiPo 4S designed for 1/8th Scale off-road models.

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V2.1 Tetra Clutch

Reds Racing has released the new V2.1 Tetra Clutch system setup specifically configured for 721 Scuderia off-road Buggy engine. The new clutch uses 4 x aluminum shoes and 4 x 1.0 springs which improve the 721 Scuderia engine power delivery.

Reds Tetra clutch 721 Scuderia edition combined with Reds Racing Clutch bells will improve fuel mileage. REDS clutch system is available with 32mm and 34mm diameter to make it suitable for any type of car.

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Reds Racing announced the new ZX PRO Speed Controller for 1/10th Scale model cars. The new ZX PRO ESC have a high power output with continuous current of 160A. The ESC also features a fastest hardware with a redesigned algorithm firmware to improve its strength and guarantee the smoothest throttle, accurate and precise braking.

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GEN 2 V8

Reds Racing presented their new GEN 2 V8 1/8th Scale Brushless Motors (2350 KV and 2800KV). The new models have been developed together with REDS Team drivers to guarantee the highest performance and latest technology. The GEN 2 V8 are specifically designed 1/8th off-road and on-road motors to provide power, smoothness and control in combination with high efficiency and a low temperature operation.

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