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REDS Racing 721 Scuderia Gen2 Engines

Italy – Reds Racing reveleaed the new 721 SCUDERIA GEN2 engine. Due to the success of 721 Scuderia GEN1 engine in recent competitions the Italian brand decided to maintain the main features unchanged and improve the carburetor with new materials to increase reliability. Furthermore, the new carb features a new double grab screw joint link to facilitate positioning and fitting with the servo link.

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Marco Ravaglia signs with REDS

REDS Racing, the Italian brand famous for their nitro engines, announced the signing of young racer Marco Ravaglia to their team for the 2020/21 racing season. The Italian driver will debut with his new team at the One Race One Man race at the IBR Padova indoor track at the beginning of next year.

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REDS Racing V3.0 Tetra Clutch System

Italy – The new REDS Racing V3.0 tetra clutch system (for 1/8th Nitro Buggies and Truggies) features a new dust-proof flywheel which has been improved compared to its previous version to protect the engine front bearing from dirt even on high dust conditions. Furthermore, the Italian designers have improved shoes and springs to optimize fuel consumption and performance. Shoes and springs can be used on REDS previous clutch versions.

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721 Scuderia Anniversario

The Italian engines brand Reds Racing has announced the new 721 Scuderia Anniversario is now available. The engine is a limited edition produced in just 100 pieces for the Reds Racing 10th Anniversary.

Due to the success of 721 Scuderia in recent 1/8th off-road competitions Reds has decided to maintain the main features unchanged and give a new look to this engine with a Black cooling head with gold writings recalling 721 Scuderia design and customized Packaging.

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