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4-shoe clutch

Xray announced a new 4-shoe clutch set for XB8 buggy and XT8 truggy. Complete set of 4-shoe clutch system includes flywheel, lightweight medium aluminum clutch shoes, gold (soft) clutch springs and assembly screws.

The 4-shoe clutch design allows for super-easy clutch setting from soft to hard setting, each suitable for different track conditions and racing style. The clutch features smaller, lighter internal parts, and the design allows for more balanced clutch bell engagement compared to the traditional 3-shoe design.

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MP10 Truggy

Yuichi Kanai has released few teaser images of the new Inferno MP10 Nitro Tuggy. The model is currently in prototype stages and some new parts as the front and rear arms, and shock towers are blurred-out in the pictures. Surely the project will use many parts of the MP10 Buggy and have a new weight distribution and suspension geometry. Below, other images of the prototype from different view angles.

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xray 4wd truggy

XRAY‘s founder and head designer Juraj Hudy has shared a teaser photo about a brand new project that is in the pipeline. It appears to be a small scale 4WD truggy body in the early development stages. in his Facebook post Juraj wrote: “Working on something all-new – new project, new product, new class.”

What do you think this new model could be?

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 PR Racing: SB401R-T 1/10 Electric 4WD Stadium truck / Truggy

After teasing us few days ago PR Racing have finally revealed the 401R-T! The designers have taken all the main features of the 401R buggy and applied them to create the brand new truggy! On top of that we have made further changes specifically for this vehicle to be the most capable, adjustable, durable competition ST 4×4/ Truggy on the market out of the box: from the aggressive “Low Center of gravity” truggy body, to the “Type R” style shocks and towers.

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