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PROTOform has presented their new Hyper-SS body shell for 1/8th GT Class. When IFMAR announced the first-ever 1/8th GT Worlds with a new set of Global Body Spec rules, PROTOform set out to design a new body that was not only fast, but also relevant to the 1:1 racing era that is here & now.

In the past, GT8 cars they have always featured cab-forward sports-car style bodies. But in recent years, the rapid advancement of the full-scale GT cars has evolved into the Supercar, and then more recently into the Hypercar that will be featured in the premier class at the Le Mans 24h in 2020. The interest level when these cars hit the track next rear will be off-the-charts.

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The Italian Bittydesign has presented their new ultra downforce body for Touring Car 190mm. The HYPER project was born from the necessity to offer enthusiasts a high-performance low centre gravity body that could meet at best the new market needs of this category. The design is inspired by a real 4 doors car, as requested by the international federations, has been adapted to the meet the homologation specs by the EFRA, IFMAR, ROAR and BRCA.

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ITALIA body shell

This autumn is rich with R/C news, the Italian company Mon-tech Racing has just presented the new ITALIA body shell for the Pan Car GT12 1/12th Scale model car. The body is made in collaboration with Schumacher Racing and is designed to give the best possible cornering entrance thanks to the rounded lines of the very low bonnet and pronounced front splitter.

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Blitz EK9

Team Titan has introduced their new BLITZ EK9 1/10th 190mm sedan body, designed for 1/10 FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Chassis. The body provide a realistic look and a very good handling performance with 2 wings. The fixed middle wing provide stability and another wing on the roof cut to preferred size to adjust rear down-force.

The standard EK9 body made from 0.7mm thickness high-quality polycarbonate sheet and the light-weight version of 0.5mm, 2-step window mask and light decal all included.

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