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JConcepts: 1987 Buick Grand National Street Eliminator Body

Covid19 or not, JConcepts never stop to amaze us with new lexan bodies for our RC models. This time is a replica of the 1987 Buick Grand National (a sinister, wedged shaped vehicle) that is direct fit for Team Associated DR10. The vehicles which are wide-bodied, flat paneled and have a low-roof line always track well down the racetrack. A low front chin, bumper construction and pocketed headlights immediately look like punishment is headed your way.

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JConcepts: 1970 Chevy K10 Monster Truck Body

JConcepts designers never stop to amaze us. They worked years to find the ultimate line of iconic trucks to compliment a range of vehicles utilizing a 10.5 to 11.00” wheelbase such as the Tamiya Clod Buster and Traxxas Stampede. The 1970 Chevy K10 Monster Truck Body is powerful, and the square body shape is a shout-out to the 70s.

For the 1970, a lot of the glamour rests in the front grille and headlight package as well as the layered and sculpted rear tail gate and taillight section (these details are included in the decal sheet along with many emblems and trim packages to customize you body as you like).

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JConcepts: 1955 Chevy Bel Air Drag Eliminator Body

JConcepts has reproduced one of the classiest looking vehicles to the Drag Eliminator scene: the 1955 Chevy Bel Air Drag Eliminator. Taking on this project was not an effortless task, doing a great deal of R&D, the team went for the more race inspired style and decided to split up the design into 3 different parts. First, the main Bel Air shell has been carefully crafted via CAD and hand shaped and finish to realize the many details found on the 1955.

JConcepts: 1955 Chevy Bel Air Drag Eliminator Body

The body is built for a 2wd Short Course wheelbase length and narrowed to more resemble the original 1:1 counterpart.

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JConcepts have introduced their authentic Team Associated RC10B3 body shell.

JConcepts have introduced a body shell replica of the legendary racing buggy Team Associated RC10B3. Team Associated released the RC10B3 during the 1997 IFMAR World Championships. Quietly, during the span of 1995 through 1997, Area 51 worked on the follow-up design to the successful RC10 platforms with a major release scheduled during the high-profile event. One of the improvements or updates made to the design was the body.

JConcepts (with official the approval from Team Associated) have reproduced the genuine RC10B3 body shell. This allows to recreate, rebuild and race with authentically styled bodies from the heyday of competitive rear bias cab, back closure buggy bodies. A lot of work went into making this project a reality and thankfully, Team Associated preserved the iconic mold from the 1997 race year so JConcepts was able to restore older generation construction and with a blend of today’s materials.

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JCI Creep

Among the newest products from Jconcepts there is a new JCI Creep Crawler Body for 313mm wheelbase models. The Creep by JConcepts is the latest in tough and dependable designs suited to high articulation vehicles in the scale community.

Starting with a crisp front-end, the narrow truck has a skeleton-like a grille and beady eyes that have an angular V shape structure setting up the hood line and front-end clip. The long nose dead-ends into the V-shaped windshield which transitions into a large single cab providing that all-important vintage feel.

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1989 Ford F-150

Jconcepts has released the new 1989 Ford F-150 “California” body for the Traxxas STAMPEDE Monster Truck. The body features Ford licensed grille and headlights, wrap-around parking lights, a minimalist grille and an accurate and clean-looking Ford JConcepts decal sheet.

During the good ole days of the 1980’s, it was not unusual to witness pre-runner trucks driving around “Cali” with modified body panels, puffed out fenders and upgraded suspension systems. However, when push came to shove, one of the toughest looks of all is the “bricknose” Ford of 1989.

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JConcepts: 2005 Silverado Monster Truck Body

The US brand JConcepts has released another wonderful monster truck body! The 2005 Chevy Silverado is a big, all-American truck, and it looks the part, with its wide face and stylish yet slab-sided flanks. Ninety-degree angles dominate the styling providing that all-important Chevy “bowtie” look and the horizontal hardlines along the body panels ensures the truck’s dramatic road presence.


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