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When the US brand JConcepts released an RC version of the 1967 Chevy Chevelle for the Street Eliminator scene, former RC driver “Disco Dean” Karns was all over it.

Oh man, that looks a lot like my car, you guys should make a Stinky Pinky 3 replica.” Karns, now one of the stars of the TV Show, Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, is no stranger to radio control racing.

JConcepts: Chevy Chevelle Garage Build

Back in the 90’s, Karns, an RC pro was a regular on the national circuit competing at some of the largest events in the world and against some of the toughest racers including JConcepts owner, Jason Ruona.

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HB Racing: D819 1/8 nitro buggy

After the announcement at the beginning of this year, HB Racing have finally released the new D819 1/8 nitro buggy. The latest iteration of the World Champion line of buggies from HB Racing, this racing car adds the latest high performance parts to keep it ahead of the competition.

HB Racing: D819 1/8 nitro buggy

The chassis is symmetrical for better balance and more consistent jumping and cornering. And it’s strategically machined to decrease weight and balance the flex characteristics. A machined aluminum center chassis brace that strengthens the center section of the buggy, and an updated chassis with countersunk mounting holes for the new brace.

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Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2019

The 2019 Ultimate Scale Truck Expo, held at Lakes Woods and Gardens (Florida) between February 22 and 24, was another great success. The brain child of Corey Verne and Rob Mathews, this annual event brings in the top scale builders and manufactures from around the world.

Months go into building the various scale trails and it shows. With special trails carved into the sides of hills, details like tire treads through the grass and scale bridges makes hanging out in the woods an amazing time.

Below you can watch the highlights video produced by JConcepts.

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jconcepts body silcencer mugen

JConcepept have released several new Silencer bodies for racng buggy. This body has a rich history in 1/8th off-road racing and impeccable track record for success. First developed for the 2012 IFMAR World Championships, tithas been a mainstay in the JConcepts product line which is available for a number of difference vehicles in the market.

The Mugen MBX-8 has enjoyed a successful run world-wide and now the us brand has created the iconic Silencer as a drop-fit for the vehicle.

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Christmas is over but this doesn’t mean that the latest JConcepts blog post is not a fascinating read: “There are so many wonderful aspects about RC cars that you just gotta love. From the thrill of racing to scaling mother nature’s terrain, the amount of fun is just endless and the companionship along the way… priceless. In this project, we were presented with an opportunity to tackle another aspect of why we love RC cars.

Custom Projects! By tapping into Fred’s creativity and building expertise, we focused on the fun of building something custom, unique, and what was to be the ultimate RC Christmas present!

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JConcepts Inside Look - RC10 EGT Pro Build

Before the explosion of 1/8th scale racing, there was a time period where gas-powered stadium trucks filled the heat sheets from top to bottom and perfectly bridged the gap between the exciting, fun-filled 1/10th electric racing with real enduro style racing that incorporated pitstop strategy, teamwork, and car and tire wear.

Then, when the Team Associated RC10GT hit the scene, 1/10th gas truck’s popularity blew up and so did the popularity of the RC10GT platform winning over fans for its fun driveability, parts availability everywhere, and it became the introduction to nitro racing for most racers in that era.

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 JConcepts F2 Traxxas Rustler Body

JConcepts just introduced the new F2 body designed for Traxxas Rustler stadium truck. One of the key features is an arrow based design where the front is much narrower than the rear so it appears on-point and with an all-new grille and headlight layout with four included grille options. The imprint of the nose draws in the truck enthusiast without giving up on the futuristic twist and Finnisher heritage.

Protecting the front shock tower area is done with a traditional shape but contains new louver positioning and available air-release features located just in front of the main cab.

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 Jconcepts: Nessi & Twin Pins 2.2″ Rear Tires

JConcepts revealed new tires for the carpet and astroturf racing world: Nessi and Twin Pins. The Nessi tire shares styling cues from its successful brother, the Lockness. Racing on artificial surfaces require a lot of stability and forward-bite and the design team created a tire that brings a new 3D blended pin-size, pin-separation and a light-weight and incredibly low-profile carcass.

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