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Redcat- RC-MT10E Monster Truck

Redcat Racing decided to re-release the monster truck Team Redcat TR-MT10E under the new name RC-MT10E. All the features and specifications included in the original model are the same but the servo has been upgraded from a 15Kg to a 25Kg metal gear servo and the price has been reduced.

This 1/10 scale monster truck features reinforced differentials, hardened steel driveshafts, high quality ball bearings throughout, durable long travel suspension, and offroad front bumper with working LEDs.

Check below the official video of the RC-MT10E!

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RC4WD: Carbon Assault 1/10 Monster Truck

RC4WD has started taking pre-orders for their new 1/10 scale Monster Truck Carbon Assault. Featuring a carbon fiber chassis, adjustable suspension, programmable ESC, CNC alloy parts and an AX-2 transmission, this truck is was designed from the ground up and is ready to bash it’s way through any obstacle!

Check the video below!

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JConcepts: 1970 Chevy K10 Monster Truck Body

JConcepts designers never stop to amaze us. They worked years to find the ultimate line of iconic trucks to compliment a range of vehicles utilizing a 10.5 to 11.00” wheelbase such as the Tamiya Clod Buster and Traxxas Stampede. The 1970 Chevy K10 Monster Truck Body is powerful, and the square body shape is a shout-out to the 70s.

For the 1970, a lot of the glamour rests in the front grille and headlight package as well as the layered and sculpted rear tail gate and taillight section (these details are included in the decal sheet along with many emblems and trim packages to customize you body as you like).

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Traxxas: X-Maxx Heavy Duty Suspension Arms

For maximum durability in any situation Traxxas produced the Heavy Duty Suspension Arms for their legendary X-Maxx. This is a way to get even more brute strength out of your monste truck with these new heavy-duty suspension arms made from our composite material (specifically designed for high loads and hard landings with just the right amount of flex to resist breaking—even in cold weather).

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