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HPI Racing has updated their Jumpshot RC trucks line. The new Jumpshot V2 off-road model cars are designed for pure bashing fun and are available in three different formats: Monster truck, Short course and Stadium Truck (pictures above and below).

Jumpshot ST V2 is the stadium truck version of the Jumpshot platform, and features a sleek racing body and low-profile tires which give it fantastic looks and great performance!

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FMS: FCX24 Max Smasher - Mini Monster Truck

Bigfoot is a unique form of racing car in United States, which began with the popular pick-up off-road mud racing in the 1980s. This was originally an activity for car enthusiasts to entertain themselves. Off-road driving and dragging usually determined the outcome. The bigger the tires, the better for driving in mud and swamps, and the higher the mud splash, the more excited the audience gets.
Today’s Bigfoot races are usually held in gyms and are divided into three parts: racing, two-wheel tricks, and freestyle performances.

The 1/24 scale Bigfoot model-MAX SMASHER from FMS is build on the FCX24 chassis. The huge hollow tires provide excellent shock absorption. The two-speed gearbox, controlled by the third channel, can not only provide strong torque but also support high-speed off-road driving.

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JConcepts- 1989 Ford Bronco Monster Truck body

In the monster truck world, the Ford Bronco was quite formidable, with vehicles on the circuit supporting the Ford brand, it wasn’t unusual to see a few giant killers in the lineup on any given weekend so  JConcepts decided to make a body replica. Starting with the F-150 and F-250 body shells already in the line-up, the JConcepts team dug into the Bronco project with some knowledge of the game.

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Today Traxxas drop a bomb: a new 1/8 scale monster truck called Sledge! This RC beast represents the latest in monster truck technology paired with the 6S high power brushless 2000kV motor and massive suspension. Engineered. Tested. Built to a higher standard. This monster is made to exceed your expectations for quality, toughness, and fun. The rock-solid chassis, massive steel drivetrain, ferocious 6s power, and race-inspired handling leave everything else in the dust.

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