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Bittydesign Jota 1 7th Scale Felony Body

Bittydesign‘s JOTA new body was born from the desire to create an extraordinary product developed specifically for the ARRMA Felony chassis. Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan, 1.5mm thick, the body includes a complete set of screw, nuts and large plastic washers to fix properly the rear wing and the front splitter.

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The Arrma Spring 2022 Catalogue is here and it features the entire line up of Arrma vehicles in all their glory. At the back of the document is a Spektrum section that shows the range of transmitter, batteries and chargers for the RC vehicles that require the additional purchase to complete.

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Protoform 2023 Nissan Z Vendetta and Infraction Body

The 2023 Nissan Z is one of the most highly anticipated sports cars of 2022 and PROTOform decided to make a 1:8 scale replica rendition for ARRMA’s Vendetta & Infraction 570 MEGA. The new Z features classic sports car proportions of a long hood and a short rear deck. Combined with iconic Z styling elements, it creates a design that is completely modern, yet immediately identifiable as a Nissan Z.

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The FireTeam 6S BLX Speed Assault Vehicle features military-styled, multi-panel body in matte black or matte white camo designs, fully detailed interior featuring four crew figures, full body roll cage integrated with the chassis roll hoop, bumpers, and chassis side structures, handbrake module operated by the Spektrum SLT3 radio’s third channel and multi-terrain dBoots FIRETEAM tires.

Check the video below to discover this new basher beast!

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ARRMA: FireTeam 6S BLX Speed Assault Vehicle

Arrma, part of the big Horizon Hobby family, drop the FIRRETEAM 6S Speed Assault Vehicle! This 1/7 scale, ready-to-run veichle gives the fast, tough 6S BLX platform an extra-long wheelbase, mechanical handbrake, and rugged military styling for an exciting new way to bash and blast over brutal terrain.

Fireteam is a small military designed to optimise “bounding overwatch” and “fire and movement” tactical doctrine in combat”.

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ARRMA Felony 2021 Collectable Tree Ornament

If want to give to your Christmas tree a touch of our hobby ARRMA released the Felony Tree Ornament (part of the Horizon Hobby 2021 Edition Collectible Holiday Ornaments). Horizon has reproduced two of this year’s most popular RC scale models as molded solid plastic ornaments based on the exact CAD drawings of the original models. Yes! Now, even on your Christmas tree, you can show off your love for one of the most successful RC models ever!

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