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Bittydesign Vision XB8'20 Body

Bittydesign released the new Vision lexan body for the XRAY XB8 racing buggy. Tested for several months on different types of surfaces and layouts, this body combines a stunning look together with performance at the top of the class.

The mid-advanced cab has been designed by Italian engineers to increase cornering but at the same time, thanks to the soft rear slide behind the roof, the body is perfectly balanced in its shape giving the XRAY XB8 buggy a particularly sinuous and slender line.

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The Italian Bittydesign has presented their new ultra downforce body for Touring Car 190mm. The HYPER project was born from the necessity to offer enthusiasts a high-performance low centre gravity body that could meet at best the new market needs of this category. The design is inspired by a real 4 doors car, as requested by the international federations, has been adapted to the meet the homologation specs by the EFRA, IFMAR, ROAR and BRCA.

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Bittydesign: AGATA 1/12 scale clear body

Last month Bittydesign released the AGATA body for 1/10 scale GT cars and now its the time for the 1/12 models. This project was born from the desire to offer to the RC enthusiast all over the world a body shell that could recall our origins, Emilia land of engines and dream car manufacturers. Tested for several months the product combine a stunning realistic aesthetic together with performance at the top of the class.

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Bittydesign: AGATA 190mm 1/10 scale GT body

Bittydesign have released the new AGATA body for 190mm 1/10 scale GT cars. This new product was born from the desire to offer RC enthusiasts all over the world a body shell that could recall the Italian origins of the brand, Emilia land of engines, and dream car manufacturers.

A partnership with Italian leading CNC factory allowed to obtain the maximum level of precision and quality possible today; the designers are proud supporters of the real “Made in Italy” based on the creation, passion and pure innovation.

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