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Serpent has announced the new SRX8-GT Nitro on-road 1/8th Scale. The SRX8-GT shares many high performance parts with the successful SRX8 platform. In addition to the details carried over from the SRX8 platform, Serpent introduced many new design concepts to push the model well into the future as well as set itself apart from all competition.

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Spec6 190mm Touring car

Protoform have introduced the new Spec6 190mm touring car Clear Body. The Spec6 provides an ultra-smooth, high-corner speed feel, especially in lower-power classes with handout motors.

The body increased flat surface area behind each wheel opening to allow for more forward mounting. This is made easier with the added Mounting Marks scribed into each wheel opening in 2mm increments.

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3RACING announced the M4 SAKURA M a 1/10th Scale M-Chassis AWD. The new M4 design is combined with the successful touring car series “SAKURA”. The chassis used the new parts and comes with some of the upgraded Sakura Advance 2K18 features.

The model features an adjustable wheelbase from 210 to 225mm, providing wide range of body choices. The battery tray is the same of the Sakura Advance 2K18 and compatible with standard and short LiPo pack battery.

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WRC Racing announced the new STX.6 190mm 1/10th Scale Touring Car. The model is based on the STX design with an updated chassis to lower the center of gravity, improve component quality and the new position for the DSR Steering System.

The STX.6 features new lower shock towers in carbon fiber, Low-Profile servo mounting system and a renewed adjustable battery box to vary the weight distribution that eliminates the need to use the blocking tape.

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Michele Abbate

HPI cars line-up is getting a new E10 with the body replica of the Michele Abbate GRRRacing. The model arrive right out of the box in ready-to-run, it’s a simple matter of ‘charge and go’ for hours of fun. The E10 uses true full-time 4WD and independent suspension and specially designed HPI T-Grip tires.

This touring car is equipped with a HPI 2.4GHz radio system provides you with the best possible vehicle operation and control.

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Novarossi has presented the new high performance Mephisto.12 engine for 1/10 Touring Cars. The engine features a 3 port piston/sleeve set, optimized for use in competitive events, made from hard chromed brass with a new head redesigned to improve the flow of air and this increase cooling, ensuring an optimal center of gravity.

The power plant has a new crankshaft DLC coating to improve durability and increase the mixture flow. The shifted carburetor grants a better mixture flow through the crankcase intake. This gives the engine an improved fuel efficiency and a better power curve.

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OS Engines is celebrating the victory of Naoto Matsukura at the IFMAR Touring 200mm World Championship by announcing the limited edition OS Speed T1203 nitro engine. This version includes a “Gold Reducer” variant that will feature a 24K gold-plated 5.5mm venturi insert and special door timing that improves performance by lowering fuel consumption at low and mid-range RPM.

The engine will be available in two versions, one including the T-1070SC and M-1006SC exhaust sets.

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