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Novarossi has presented the new high performance Mephisto.12 engine for 1/10 Touring Cars. The engine features a 3 port piston/sleeve set, optimized for use in competitive events, made from hard chromed brass with a new head redesigned to improve the flow of air and this increase cooling, ensuring an optimal center of gravity.

The power plant has a new crankshaft DLC coating to improve durability and increase the mixture flow. The shifted carburetor grants a better mixture flow through the crankcase intake. This gives the engine an improved fuel efficiency and a better power curve.

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OS Engines is celebrating the victory of Naoto Matsukura at the IFMAR Touring 200mm World Championship by announcing the limited edition OS Speed T1203 nitro engine. This version includes a “Gold Reducer” variant that will feature a 24K gold-plated 5.5mm venturi insert and special door timing that improves performance by lowering fuel consumption at low and mid-range RPM.

The engine will be available in two versions, one including the T-1070SC and M-1006SC exhaust sets.

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Execute XM1

Xpress published the first image of the new Execute XM1 M-class 4WD touring car. The model will arrive in hobby shops in about a month in kit version. The XM1 uses many parts from the XQ1 such one piece bulkheads, ball-raced anti-roll bars and re-designed double joint driveshaft for better handling and high speed cornering.

The model is sold in assembly kit with carbon fibre chassis and top deck, 4WD belt transmission and aluminium shocks.

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Mugen Seiki has published information about the new conversion kit, Performance Edition 2019 for the MTC1 1/10th Scale Touring Car. All the new parts were used at the Reedy Race of Champions EU, where all 3 prototype MTC1’s finished in top 10 of the modified class.

The conversion kit includes new differential gears, aluminium spool outdrives, upper deck with pitch control rod, C-Hub front suspension and shock and differential O-Rings.

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2018 IFMAR 1/10 IC Track World Championship

In few hours, on the on-road Homestead RC Raceway, the 2018 IFMAR 1/10 IC Track World Championship will begin. The nine-day event will end on 27 October with the possibility of being extended to 28 October in case of rain. The registrations will be made today.

Tomorrow and the day after, the track will be open for free practice reserved for drivers who have not raced on the track in the last 12 months. Below you can find the complete program and the link to follow the event live.

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