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T-Work's: Lexan body reamer

T-Work’s released a new Lexan body reamer with an aluminum handle and a double edged cutting head, displaying millimeter increments up to 13mm. This tool is designed to make it easier to keep the hole centered and make precision sized holes in Lexan and polycarbonate bodies.

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Hudy released a new Alignment Tool for touring car drivers (for bulkheads with spacing of 17mm) that allows for easy, comfortable and fast alignment. This tool is placed between the left and right bulkheads with the included steel shafts. With the block and pins in place the driver can loosen and retighten both the lower bulkhead mounting screws and also the upper clamps and shock towers for perfect alignment of all parts.

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 Monaco RC: Diff Check Plus

Monaco RC have release the new Diff Check Plus: the most beautiful and versatile device for Diff measurement in the market!  This device, developed in Italy, with its reduced dimensions that make it pocketable, inside it is allocated components that allow the spin of every kind of oil hardness of every categories.

The aim of the Diff Check Plus development was to create a product with an appealing design and new technical solutions in order to satisfy the most demanding drivers and mechanics.

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 HUDY-Alu-Tray-diffs shocks

HUDY introduced new aluminum trays for differentials and shocks of RC models (both on-road and off-road). CNC-machined from one-piece aircraft aluminum, the trays are black coated extremely durable and wear resistant and feature 4 machined compartments with super-thin walls to save weight and laser edged with label. Include easily removable aluminum shock stand.

Shock stand sets are available separately to convert between vehicle types.

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T-Work’s have introduced a new bearing cleaner. This tool is designed to easily clean any type of RC bearing. The use is pretty simple: open the cap, put the bearings inside, fill up about 1/3rd of the way full with your cleaning solution, close it and gently shake it.

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 forza officina RC

The European company Monaco RC have announced the release of “Forza Tester” by OfficinaRC, a new device developed for measuring the diffs hardness for RC models 1/10 and Mini Z.

Forza Tester is the smallest Diff reader in the world (Size 86x38x29mm and the weight is just 85 Grams) and it is powered by Micro USB. This device allows the diff measurement either from the assembled car and stand alone and is equipped with 1/10 adapter and is available as option part the Mini Z adapter.

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