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Monaco RC WTS Transponder Diamond Edition

Monaco RC has released the WTS (Waldo Timing System) Diamond Edition Transponder that features a unique transparent case for a refined look. Compatible with all RC systems including RC version 4 decoders (with firmware 4.4 or lower) its operation is purely lap counting and timing using its seven digit ID number.

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Fireproof Bag

Monaco RC presented a new stylish Fireproof Bag for Li-Po batteries. It is rectangular shaped and is closed by a double zip. This bag is designed for those who often travel in the airplane or for those who have many batteries.

The new regulations oblige the transport of Li-Po batteries or devices that contain them in the cabin, this bag has a dimensions of 20.5×5.5×15.5 cm and allows also the transport of Powerbank, batteries for cameras, electronic cigarettes, or any other device in total safety. On the track it can be used to recharge the batteries.

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 Monaco RC: Diff Check Plus

Monaco RC have release the new Diff Check Plus: the most beautiful and versatile device for Diff measurement in the market!  This device, developed in Italy, with its reduced dimensions that make it pocketable, inside it is allocated components that allow the spin of every kind of oil hardness of every categories.

The aim of the Diff Check Plus development was to create a product with an appealing design and new technical solutions in order to satisfy the most demanding drivers and mechanics.

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 Monaco RC: EV-Peak PU Power Supply

The European company MonacoRc announced the release of the power supply EV-Peak PU” “Black Edition”. Small but Powerful with its new color perfectly match the combo with the battery charger EV-Peak-AR1Black/MonacoRC edition.

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Diff Check Tool

Monaco RC has presented a Diff Check Tool for setting up and controlling the hardness of differentials for 1/8th and 1/10th scale cars. Diff Check provides data to the drivers that allows them to evaluate or replicate a certain hardness, so you no longer risk losing the required level of hardness by topping up the diff oil.

With this tool, drivers will have a record that allows them to choose a softer or harder diff. Diff Check is useful for all categories and scales that use oil diffs.

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