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Team Corally: 2021 Radix4 and Radix6 brushless buggy

Team Corally started the new year with a bunch of new models. Today they posted a promotional video for the Radix4 and Radix6 brushless buggies. Both models are Ready to Run and are designed to make bashers super happy.

The Radix4 is a 4S-capable stunt buggy, delivering outrageous performance at a surprisingly affordable price.  Instead the Radix6 XP not only is it a supreme bash buggy, it’s also a capable 1/8 EP Buggy entry-level race car!

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Axial- RBX10 Ryft Smart Rock Bounce in scala 1 10 action

Axial just revealed another first with their new RBX10 Ryft 4WD. This RTR vehicle lets any RC driver experience the thrills of rock bouncer off-road action. Full-size rock bouncers refuse to stop — or even back down on the throttle — when facing steep climbs and massive rocks. So this 1/10 scale bouncer is definitely going to be super happy to bash with!



Licensed Interco TSL Bogger tires on Raceline wheels, aided by long travel front and rear shocks, do their part to tame wild off-road tracks. These features, along with a full-time 4WD transmission, make the RBX10 Ryft the perfect vehicle to send over the trails at full throttle.

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lego A suspension design that allows to have a remotely locked differential without adding extra width.

If you are into LEGO RC models you will be happy to discover that he legendary Technic designer Sariel has just addressed the well-known problem of open LEGO differentials, which are prone to slip situations (when one wheel has less traction than the other, it becomes the only driven wheel on the axle which can stop the whole vehicle) and which can be locked but this results in very wide suspension units which are unusable for most models.

As you can see in the video below, moving the differential up, however, it’s possible to keep the suspension’s width unchanged at the cost of added height.

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RC Lowriders 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS - Fully Functional Hopping Lowrider

The new Redcat Sixty-Four hopping lowrider captures the 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS in a classic highly-detailed, fully-functioning 1/10 scale Remote Control Car. The Sixty-Four was designed from the ground up with the lowrider, auto enthusiast and R/C scaler communities in mind.

RC Lowriders 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS - Fully Functional Hopping Lowrider

Every detail of the Sixty-Four was painstakingly and passionately created with scale accuracy and detail in mind. The Impala SS interior and exterior badging adorn the beautiful 1964 Impala SS body and interior. 23 individual chrome plated molded parts are used to create the body’s chrome accessories.

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Mini 4WD 99 Cup in Abruzzo – Seconda Edizione Event Report

Exactly one year later Mini 4WD Sport comes back to the Italian region of Abruzzo, for the second edition of the “99 Cup tournament” held in L’Aquila city as part of the Fantasy Fest “Sulle Tracce del Drago”.
The two days tournament took place in conjunction with the 2 years anniversary since the start of the “Mini 4WD Sport” project, an excellent opportunity to celebrate this game, which has become a reference point in Italy for those who want to approach this “modeling sport”.

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Axial: SCX24 B17 Betty Limited Edition RTR

To celebrates Axial’s 15th anniversary, the US brand choose to bring back the legacy body, Rock Lizard tires and Rockster wheels of the original AX10 Scorpion. The SCX24 B17 Betty 4WD is a micro scale model designed for both neofites and long-time Axial enthusiasts alike with classic crawling performance (plus Limited Edition “collectability”).

Every SCX24 B-17 Betty is one-of-a-kind, adding to the value of your purchase. It arrives in a specially designed collector’s box with scale garage artwork and its chassis side rail is laser-etched with the anniversary logo and the model’s unique production number.

Check the video below!

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