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LEGO Technic: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 RC mod with BuWizz

The LEGO Technic  Chevrolet Corvette (set 42093) is not the most faithful representation of the original car so RacingBrick decided to create a new “version” of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 with a nose job and fresh out the gym! Redesigned front and added details, fat rear tires and motorized with 2 PF L motors, 1 PF Servo and a BuWizz unit!

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hpi racing RC cars

Stop At Nothing 2019” is the latest promo video released by HPI Racing. we area happy to see that HPI is finally coming back and we got great hope for this cult RC cars brand that had some financial trouble in the last few years.

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Adam Drake

OS Engines has presented the new competition nitro engine OS Speed B21 ADAM DRAKE EDITION II realized with the collaboration of Adam Drake.

The engine has been updated with a new 16.4mm x 16.55mm crankshaft which improves the driving feeling making it more linear and powerful and a new carburetor compatible with 6.5mm and 7.0mm Venturi. Below the promotional video and the engine specifications.

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SETH Desert Buggy

Team Magic has uploaded a new video showing two new color for the SETH Desert Buggy. This 4-wheel drive buggy is powered by a 100Amp THOR WP-8100 waterproof electronic speed control combined with 2500 kv brushless motor (14,8). The model has a speed of 80km/h powered with 4S LiPo battery.

The chassis is made of 4mm strong ultra lightweight aluminium and uses a 16kg/cm Savox steering servo and waterproof (splashproof). The It includes three differentials equipped with CNC machined bevel gears.

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In just few days ARRMA is going to reveal a new RC model with an online streaming event (check the video below). Will it be a new Kraton (potential x-maxx killer) or maybe a bigger version of the super successful Limitless? What do you think it will be revealed by the British RC brand?

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Recently Spektrum RC, part of the Horizon Hobby Group has announced the new iX20 20-Channel Smart Transmitter System. The radio features 5-inch, full-color, easy-to-read ANDROID-POWERED touchscreen (Its processing speed is approximately 250% faster than that of the iX12), WI-FI and Bluetooth connectivity, and built-in telemetry compatibility that can give you real-time information on critical data like battery voltage, motor temperature and more.

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