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Traxxas: TRX4 Traxx Deep-Terrain Treads - VIDEO

Traxxas just released a video featuring the new Deep-Terrain Treads that extend the all-terrain dominance of all the TRX-4 models equipped with Traxx to extreme surface conditions like deep snow, sand, and mud. The purposefully-engineered treads dig deep and pack into loose surfaces for maximum bite to power through the most challenging conditions like deep snow and fine sand.

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Update: At the Spielwarenmesse (the would biggest toy fair held once a year in Germany) Tamiya has officially revealed an impressive replica of the Volvo A60W Hauler 6X6 that has been announced last December. This 1/24 model kit is built on the G6-01 chassis and will be released at the beginning of next year.

The original A60H (that you can see in the photo) is Volvo’s largest articulated hauler to date – and is always ready to work.

Check the official video below!

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SuperScale 2020: Active suspension kit For RC Cars

We are living really incredible times with continuous technology innovation also in our hobby. SuperScale 2020 has released an Active suspension kit For RC Cars based on the famous Arduino board. It’s designed to add incredible scale realism to your build by replicating real cars suspension behaviour.

Simulate weight and adjust the suspension to your liking on the fly. Brake led lights are activated when deceleration is sensed, there is also an exhaust backfire led control and a PWM trigger output for the horn (custom sound) of a sound module (like the ESS DUAL).

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