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motorama dirt oval racing

Last month Fred and AJ from JConcepts made the trip up to Pennsylvania (USA) for the legendary Motorama 2020. AJ raced in the Dirt Oval portion of the event this year running the new JConcepts 9-Shot wheels and the control tire for the event which was the JConcepts Sprinter Tires.

Check the video below!

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EFRA 1/12th Track Euros 2020: Finals Report

In the Modified class of the EFRA 1/12th Track Euros 2020, Alexander Hagberg started his quest for a seventh consecutive European championship title in his favourite class by immediately pulling a gap over Ollie Payne and then clicked off the laps unchallenged to take the leg one from Ollie with Joern Neumann having a lonely run to third.

Leg two was a repeat of leg one at the very front, with Ollie just unable to challenge Alex, the two both capable of lapping at the same speed but Alex looking a little more comfortable at 100%.

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Today it’s finals Day in Sittard for the EFRA 1/12th Track Euros 2020: 3 Legged Mains for both Spec and Modified championships! Thhanks to our friends at RC Racing TV we can follow the live streaming from our house and safe from the corona virus!

Traxxas Maxx

Our friends at Velocity RC Cars magazine have posted the Traxxas Maxx review (that is featured in Issue #39 of VRC Mag and don’t forget that you can subscribe for just $9.99).

Last year Traxxas has introduced this monster truck that is a smaller version of the X-Maxx 1/8th Scale truck. With a new Maxx platform that is smaller and lighter, Traxxas engineers took the speed to 95+ km/h, tuned it for even higher performance and durability.

Check the video review below!

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T celebrate the snow season Kyosho released a new video of the Blizzard 2.0. Powered by two independent side-by-side motors and with a suspension system equipped on all wheels, the Blizzard clears every challenge in its path including rocky obstacles, steep hill climbs and gravel or sand that would trap a machine with normal tires. Twin 370 motors and twin ESCs deliver forward, reverse, left/right turning and pivot (turns on the spot) .

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Traxxas: TRX4 Traxx Deep-Terrain Treads - VIDEO

Traxxas just released a video featuring the new Deep-Terrain Treads that extend the all-terrain dominance of all the TRX-4 models equipped with Traxx to extreme surface conditions like deep snow, sand, and mud. The purposefully-engineered treads dig deep and pack into loose surfaces for maximum bite to power through the most challenging conditions like deep snow and fine sand.

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