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2019 Asian Nitro Championship

The legendary Scotty Ernst got a great news to start the new year!  Whether it’s the sound of big nitro engines piercing your eardrums as they shift into second gear or plumes of smoke putting tears in your eyes, nitro on-road has long been known to assault the senses in the most spectacular ways a radio controlled vehicle can.

In 2019, Scotty Ernst Productions, along with Infinity and Creation Model, are aiming to bring the most extreme R/C classes in existence to both racers and fans in a whole new way with the inaugural running of the Asian Nitro Championship (ANC). Three exotic locations. Three world-class facilities. One Championship series. All under the spotlight like you’ve never seen before.

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Infinity: 4-Piece Pick and Tool Set

The Japanese brand Infinity has added a Pick & Hook Tool Set to their expanding accessories line-up. The 4-piece multi purpose pick and hook tips can be used for a variety of applications during car preparation and maintenance.

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Infinity: High Speed Fuel Stick

Infinity has released a new high speed fuel stick to assist in both on-road and off-road nitro racing. Quick and precise refuelling is key to success and this new Fuel Stick is designed to help mechanics with making ultra quick fuel stops for their drivers.

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Infinity: IF15 Hard Chassis

After winning the 2018 IFMAR 1/10 On-Road World Championships thanks to Naoto Matsukura‘s great performance, Infinity has released a new hard type chassis for IF15 as used by their factory team pilots during the Miami event. This new chassis features a stiffer rear section, this results in both increased traction and response compared to the standard kit version.

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Infinity: 600cc fuel bottle

The Japanese racing brand Infinity has added a new fuel bottle to their line-up of accessories for nitro racing. The large capacity 600cc bottle is made from soft material for easy re-fuelling. This fuel bottle features the Infinity logo engraved on the black finished aluminum nozzle.

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Matsukura is the new 1/10 Nitro World Champion

The Final of the 2018 IFMAR 1/10 On-Road World Championships was really interesting! After a messy start which saw Top Qualifier Dario Balestri and Super Pole winner Robert Pietsch jump the start and end up with a stop and go each. The defending champion Dominic Greiner got confused on what was happening and also came into the pits.

This mess let the multiple Electric Onroad World Champion, Infinity’s Naoto Matsukura, get the first position and then, at the end of the one hour Final, won another World title.

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