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Awesomatix: A800FX Evo 1/10 Touring Car

After teasing us last month Awesomatix has finally released the new A800FX Evo FWD Touring Car evolution of the A800FX platform. The main goals were to further enhance the performance in all conditions and increase the setup range to suit all track conditions. Since weight distribution is the main setup tool for a FWD car, the designers re-worked the main chassis design and extended the wheelbase.

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PROTOform revealed the Vittoria GT: a new 190mm race body option for touring car racers in scale-spec style classes such as USGT, GT10 or Spec Grand Touring.
“Vittoria” is the Italian word for “victory”!
This new body takes inspiration from a new wave of Italian hypercars, featuring a low-CG, cab-forward design sure to provide exceptional handling characteristics while also looking stunning on the track.

PROTOform: Vittoria GT 190mm Clear Body

The rear wing of the Vittoria GT body features two trimlines: a lower 10mm tall line for USGT-sanctioned racing, and a taller cut line for no-holds-barred club racing where extra rear downforce is needed.

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New Mon-Tech Racing FWD body

Recently Mon-Tech Racing released a teaser image of their forthcoming new FWD touring car body. This new body will be officially unveiled this week on 11th of December. The Italian company styled it using design cues of a popular European-made hatchback and it features big fenders, a large front splitter and a scale-looking silhouette.

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Serpent: X20 1/10 Electric Touring Car

Serpent has finally released the new X20, based on Project 4X touring Car  the result of utilizing past years design of the Eryx and 4x 1/10 touring car (2016-2017 IFMAR World Championship 3rd place, 2016 EFRA EC A-main finalist and 2017 Multiple ETS A-main finalist).

The chassis  of the X20 is based on the popular Medius mid motor design, using a light weight and strong 1 piece motor mount concept, without any interference between the front and rear chassis flex while still allowing center flex adjustability.

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The Italian Bittydesign has presented their new ultra downforce body for Touring Car 190mm. The HYPER project was born from the necessity to offer enthusiasts a high-performance low centre gravity body that could meet at best the new market needs of this category. The design is inspired by a real 4 doors car, as requested by the international federations, has been adapted to the meet the homologation specs by the EFRA, IFMAR, ROAR and BRCA.

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