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Yokomo released a new Silicon-Graphene based Li HV battery (under its Racing Performer brand). This LiPo battery is specifically engineered to provide high speed, high power, and a LCG for 1/10 EP touring cars. In order to compete at the top of the world, the pack uses 140C discharge Silicon-Graphite cells, with SLCG (Super Low Center Gravity).

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You are looking for a setup to try out for your Yokomo DB9? Masami Hirosaka (considered one of the world’s most successful rc driver with a record fourteen IFMAR World Championships) had uploaded the setting sheet about his BD9, it may a good guide for your next touring car setup.

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Yokomo: New 2019 Factory Team line of apparel

Yokomo announced the release of their New 2019 Factory Team line of apparel that consists of  premium T-Shirts (with sizes that can fit everyone: from small to 3XL), Hoodies (Small to 3XL), Snapback Hats and Pit Mats.


Yokomo Racing Factory hat

This is the Yokomo Racing Factory Snap Back Hat in black with an embroidered logo on the front. The embroidery gives the logo a dimensional appearance, that looks 3D!

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Yokomo has shown the new LiPo battery packs Max Power 6000mAh and 5300mAh LiPo. The 6000mAh uses high-performance 100C-rated cells for maximum power output and is made for modified and stock touring classes. The low centre design gives the model faster cornering speed. The 5300mAh battery is low cost and has standard dimensions with high-quality 50C cells.

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Yokomo has shown the new RPX-II speed controller specially develop for the Drift Racer. This 160 Ampere ESC uses high quality FETs with super low internal resistance that helps suppress heat generation. It features a factory programmed firmware to give you the best performance on low-grip surfaces and a 6V/7.4V BEC.

The RPX-II Drift Spec can be WiFi programmed via smartphones with the BL-WM module or with the programming box.

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Yokomo announced a limited edition of their high-end drift chassis YD-2SXII. The model will be available in January produced in 500 units. The new YD-2SXII has many upgrade parts like a curved aluminum steering slide rack and rear shock tower, short rear suspension arm and the latest front and rear hub carrier from Yokomo.

Since the red aluminum version will be limited production, Yokomo will not sell the red version parts separately. 

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Yokomo DX1

Following the mid-October announcementYokomo released the first images of the new Drift performance DX1 Brushless Motors.

The DX1 motors line has two models, the DX1R with an output characteristic suitable for high grip surface, and the DX1T, a torque version that maximizes traction performance on low grip surface. The stator and coil are completely different from the two versions and offer very different characteristic.

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