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Yokomo: RWD Drift Car YD-2 RTR

Yokomo revealed the RWD Drift Car YD-2 for begginners. This model comes as a complete set that covers everything that beginners tend to stumble, such as assembling the chassis, mounting RC equipment and painting the body.

More than 90% of the RWD Drift Car YD-2‘s parts that make up the chassis are the same as the base model YD-2Z, and not only spare parts but also abundantly released optional parts can be used, and expandability is perfect.

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Yokomo BD11 competition 1 10th touring car

After teasing us in the last few days, Yokomo have finally revealed the BD11, successor to the BD10 Touring platform. The Japanese designers felt that it was time for a new touring car platform and create a whole new car to enjoy racing competitively refining the suspension and drivetrain thinking about “usability” and allowing anyone to compete in the race.

Yokomo BD11 competition 1 10th touring car chassis

The characteristic high-rigidity long suspension arm made of graphite is composed of a hybrid with resin and aluminum parts, reducing chassis roll and improving cornering speed. Durability is also confirmed by repeated tests, and it is possible to attack corners with confidence.

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Yokomo BL-EP6 Brushless ESC mon

Yokomo released the BL-EP6 Brushless Speed Controller: and ESC that comes with a programmer and realizes a reasonable price while supporting each category of on, off, and drift. In addition to Yokomo’s sensor-type brushless motors, it is also possible to drive general-purpose sensorless motors.

Check the video below!

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Yokomo YD-2Z 1 10 2WD RWD Drift Car Kit

The Japanese Drift giant Yokomo has just revealed the YD-2Z: evolution of YD-2 equipped with a new 3-split transmission case on the shape-up main chassis and will start as a new standard machine! A new integrated bulkhead is used around the front to improve the left-right balance of the steering and improve operability.

The new upper deck is compatible with slide racks as standard in the kit, and steering characteristics suitable for various situations can be obtained with minimal changes.

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YZ-114 Plus

Yokomo has announced their new YZ-114 Plus AC/DC Charger. This charger has different charge modes including balance, fast charging, storage mode and is compatible with all type of battery Li-po, Li-fe, Li-ion, Li-HV (1-6 cells), Ni-MH and Ni-cd (1-15 cells).

The YZ-114 Plus is equipped with a large screen LCD and offer 100W charge currents of up to 12A. You will also find a USB output with 2.1A for smartphone charging.

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BD9 MID Motor conversion kit

Zero Tribe has released the new MID Motor conversion kit for the Yokomo BD9 Touring Car we spotted at the begin of July. This conversion kit is based on the BD9 main chassis. The purpose is to reduce the time lag during the use of the throttle by eliminating the difference in belt length between front and back.

As a result, the motor is laid out centrally, enabling a balanced mid-ship layout of chassis using short LiPo battery.

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