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Yokomo BL-EP6 Brushless ESC mon

Yokomo released the BL-EP6 Brushless Speed Controller: and ESC that comes with a programmer and realizes a reasonable price while supporting each category of on, off, and drift. In addition to Yokomo’s sensor-type brushless motors, it is also possible to drive general-purpose sensorless motors.

Check the video below!

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Speedzone: Evolution SC80 80A SPEC ESC

Speedzone USA has just released the new Evolution SC80 80A electronic speed controller. The SC80 is specifically designed for 1/10 scale SPEC class electric RC cars and is suitable for both off-road and on-road classes. This ESC comes factory set in “blinky” mode with the same setup of United States Stock TC ACE Dave Johnson but an optional program box is available to customize settings to suite driving styles in “blinky” mode as well as non-“blinky” mode.

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R1: Wurks Digital 3 Speed Control

R1 Motor lab announced that the new DIGITAL-3 ESC 2S/1S Wireless programmable brushless speed controller is shipping! The LCG Digital-3 delivers the most technologically advanced features to date. Development of the LCG Digital-3 was focused on ultra smooth power delivery needed for modified racing as well as supreme power efficiency for our class leading line of Stock Motors.

The controller offers the most advanced throttle and brake features to suit a wide range of driving styles.

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Tekin announced the new RSX Pro speed controller developed for the “modified” Touring Car 1/10th Scale category. The RSX PRO uses the best available components and materials and promise gives you power, precise control and reliability.

This ESC is compatible with 2/3S LiPo and 4/12S NiMH-NiCD battery packs. Among the features a maximum power of 210 Ampere per phase, adjustable BEC from 6v / 7.4v @ 5.5amps and a 6061-T6 Aluminum Heat Sink Housing. The Tekin RSX Pro is fully programmable via the HotWire application available for iOS, Android and PC systems. Below other images of the controller and the user interface of the App.

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Yokomo has shown the new RPX-II speed controller specially develop for the Drift Racer. This 160 Ampere ESC uses high quality FETs with super low internal resistance that helps suppress heat generation. It features a factory programmed firmware to give you the best performance on low-grip surfaces and a 6V/7.4V BEC.

The RPX-II Drift Spec can be WiFi programmed via smartphones with the BL-WM module or with the programming box.

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