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Radon 2

Reedy announce the new Radon 2 540 Class brushed motor. The motors features dual ball bearings, adjustable timing and are available in three different versions. This motor line is reliable, economical, and versatile choice for those who prefer brushed motor power.

The Radon 2 is offered a 17-turn version as the original, 15-turn and 19-turn versions to suit a variety of applications and speed requirements.

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Muchmore have show a updated version of their brushless motor Fleta ZX8 for 1/8th scale off-road buggy. The motor have 2050KV and adopted the innovative 4-pole-8magnet “stagged pole” rotor, air hole  designed to make the best motor condition of cooling and Super Low-Friction steel inner shield on the side maximum protection against the elements while optimising the drive train efficiency compared to all-metal shielded ball races.

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Reedy is going to release the new brushless motor Sonic 540 FT Fixed Timing Competition Brushless Motor. Eliminate the “motor-of-the-week” madness with Reedy’s Sonic 540-FT Competition Brushless Motor. Designed for performance and value, the Sonic 540-FT Fixed-Timing is the perfect motor for racers, clubs, and racing series that want to equalize performance among participants at an economical price. Available in race-proven ROAR-legal 13.5 and 17.5 versions, with more to come.

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