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HPI Racing: Vorza Truggy FLUX Brushless and Nitro

HPI Racing is back!! They just announced that the new 2022 Vorza Truggy line-up is headed to shops very soon! The classic Vorza line-up is now expanding and now includes Vorza Truggy FLUX, a higher spec Vorza S Truggy FLUX and a powerful and “nostalgic” Vorza Nitro Truggy 4.6! Each model has a completely new body in a bright custom livery, plus all-new wheels and tires for a true “Stop at Nothing” attitude!

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Team Corally: 2021 Radix4 and Radix6 brushless buggy

Team Corally started the new year with a bunch of new models. Today they posted a promotional video for the Radix4 and Radix6 brushless buggies. Both models are Ready to Run and are designed to make bashers super happy.

The Radix4 is a 4S-capable stunt buggy, delivering outrageous performance at a surprisingly affordable price.  Instead the Radix6 XP not only is it a supreme bash buggy, it’s also a capable 1/8 EP Buggy entry-level race car!

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Serpent-Viper-988E CAD

Serpent has just released the first CAD renderings and technical info about the Viper 988E. The designers of this new 1/8 scale racing car managed to reduce weight, improve weight distribution and efficiency and created a layout that makes super easy to work on for quick setup adjustments and maintenance.

The Viper 988E has been designed for maximum driveline efficiency. The design is taken from the 1/10th electric where efficiency is very important and adapted to the power of the 1/8th application.

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Xray have just unveiled the first teaser image of the upcoming new 2019 incarnation of the GTXE. This car, which is the electric counterpart of the GTX8, turns out to have a cooler and more modern look than the first incarnation of the GTXE that arrived on the shelves a couple of years ago.

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 Speedzone: 13.5 tuned Brushless Motors

Speedzone has released their 13.5 Tuned motors. Tuned motors feature stricter tolerance sensor board, better asymmetry, rotor test, motor test, ceramic bearings, aluminum screws and come with motor readout (the standard price is $110.00 while the tuned motors cost $150.00).

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