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XRAY: X4F Touring car teaser

XRAY has announced the upcoming release of the X4F. The manufacturer himself defines it as a “luxury electric touring car” given that the prices of the cars offered by the Slovakian manufacturer are now among the highest in the RC modeling sector.

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Xray: RX8 2022 Nitro Racing car

Xray have released the first teaser photo of their upcoming RX8 racing car updatd for 2022. This car has been developed, designed, and styled by legendary Ing. Juraj Hudy and is manufactured exclusively by XRAY in Europe in what is probably the world’s most sophisticated RC manufacturing facility.

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XRAY XB8-22 nitro brushless buggy

Here is some big news from Xray: The european brand released the new 1/8 scale racing buggy XB8 22 in both nitro and electric version (XB8E). Ty Tessmann set overall TQ at the last World Championships and finished in a superb 2nd Place position with the XRAY XB8 platform while the XB8E platform displayed its incredible performance advantage by winning the European Championships in the hands of Jean-Pierrick Sartel.

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XRAY: RX8 2021 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Car

Xray have revealed their new RX8 2021 1/8th scale nitro on-road kit. This racing car features several updates such as the stealth black design, lightened bulkheads for improved flex characteristics for improved flex characteristics, new chassis layout moves the engine closer to the rear axle for increased traction and stability, a redesigned radio plate (that allows more flex to generate more steering and traction), ribbed 2-speed carrier for improved and more consistent shifting and lightened brake disc adapter to reduce the rotating mass.

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XRAY: 2020 XB8 1/8 Nitro Racing Buggy

XRAY have introduced the 2020 version of the XB8 1/8th Nitro Buggy kit that Ty Tessmann drove to set overall TQ at the 1/8 World Championship 2018 and finished in the 2nd Place position. This newhe new XB8 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in the highest competition races around the world.


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