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The Japanese RC brand Team Axon announced the new Revoshock dampers. These big bore shock absorbers are designed for the Yokomo YD-2 and YD-4 drift cars and utilise 11.5mm diameter 16-hole shock pistons (with HVF-coated threaded alloy shock bodies for ultra low friction). The clearance between the piston and shock body is only 0.025mm, ensuring minimal oil blow-by and thus predictable shock performance.

The Revoshock uses a new piston shaft seal design with the lower cartridge seals with a smaller diameter compared to standard P3 O-rings, which ensures the seals are not being pinched by the shock body which created a floating design that leads to virtually no friction between the seals and the shock shaft.

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Yokomo has released the first images of the new YD-2RR 1/10th Scale Drift Car. The RR design offers a new balance with the motor in the back part of the chassis. The model is based on the YD-2E-series, a low center of gravity high speed drifting chassis.

The YD-2E-series utilised a Front steering block and Front/Rear Short Lower Arm with a low friction shock and mat graphite main chassis which enables the use of any type of battery in various positions.

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 FireBrand RC HighFive-PRO-SERIES-Wheels

The new 1.9″ aluminum wheels from FireBrand are ready to roll. Weighing in at one ounce each – you’ll notice a higher sense of control and agility. Sporting 9 millimeter hub off-sets up front and deep, 12 millimeter off-sets in the back lowers your car’s center of gravity and provides a smoother and more controlled set-up. This premium wheel set is built to last as oit’s made with thick, solid aluminum (galaxy-black with gun-metal accents).

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Yokomo has shown the new RPX-II speed controller specially develop for the Drift Racer. This 160 Ampere ESC uses high quality FETs with super low internal resistance that helps suppress heat generation. It features a factory programmed firmware to give you the best performance on low-grip surfaces and a 6V/7.4V BEC.

The RPX-II Drift Spec can be WiFi programmed via smartphones with the BL-WM module or with the programming box.

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Yokomo announced a limited edition of their high-end drift chassis YD-2SXII. The model will be available in January produced in 500 units. The new YD-2SXII has many upgrade parts like a curved aluminum steering slide rack and rear shock tower, short rear suspension arm and the latest front and rear hub carrier from Yokomo.

Since the red aluminum version will be limited production, Yokomo will not sell the red version parts separately. 

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