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FireBrand RC: Netsu Redsun GTR Touring Car Body (200mm)

If you like touring cars racing, drift or bashing, FireBrand RC just reveald the limited edition Netsu Redsun Type GTR 200mm body. This kit works perfectly with 6, 9 or even 12mm deep off-set wheel and has everything you need already included (only the (LED light system is sold separately)!


This body is clear, comes ready to paint and fits most 1:10 scale, on-road remote-control cars (both Nitro and electric).

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 FireBrand RC HighFive-PRO-SERIES-Wheels

The new 1.9″ aluminum wheels from FireBrand are ready to roll. Weighing in at one ounce each – you’ll notice a higher sense of control and agility. Sporting 9 millimeter hub off-sets up front and deep, 12 millimeter off-sets in the back lowers your car’s center of gravity and provides a smoother and more controlled set-up. This premium wheel set is built to last as oit’s made with thick, solid aluminum (galaxy-black with gun-metal accents).

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FireBrand RC: Bungee tie-down set

If you love scalers sometimes holding your bits of scale in place is a must during those dank, sticky crawls. Trust FireBrand RC‘s new 10 cm bungees to keep everything just where in needs to be. These nylon-wrapped rubber cords (each set includes set includes three red tie-downs and three black tie) fit perfect for 10/scale models and will stretch up to 15,5 cm.

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 Firebrand RC: Trooper Kit low-profile LED police lights

If you love police cars the Trooper Kit LED police lights, just released by Fire Brand RC, is a must buy for your 1/10 scale RC car! This new kit features nine different flash modes – these super-bright LED lights can be seen from far away. The front eight LED bulbs are comprised of four blue and four red LED bulbs, the eight rear LED bulbs are yellow.

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