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Schumacher UDI RC Drift Trucks

Schumacher has introduced a brand new line called UDI R/C. The first two models are RTR 1/16th fully proportional 4WD Drift Trucks. Both trucks were designed for bashers and are a great way to get your feet in the RC drift as both feature an integrated Electronic Stability Program (Gyro), effectively correct yaw, easier to control.

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Schumacher- Eclipse 3 - 1_12th Circuit - Kit 1

Schumacher has released the ECLIPSE 3: a 1/12 scale mode that features a radical new look, full length carbon fibre top deck and chassis, tweak free battery mounting system and awesome centre pivot design. This model takes LMP12 racing another huge leap forward. The quality, ease of assembly and build process have also been improved, to offer excellent durability and rapid lap times.

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Schumacher has just released the all new Mi71/10 scale racing car suitable for use on asphalt and carpet tracks, and for both modified or stock class racing. The first batch of cars includes genuine Mid Motor and Rear Motor option in the box. (2 x Chassis, 2 x Top Decks & 4 x Belts).

This new racing touring car features double wishbone suspension for increased suspension rigidity, and reduced play. It retains the ability to adjust suspension geometry, wheelbase, caster, camber, roll centre, Ackerman, droop, anti-dive, anti-squat, front and rear toe in/out, ride height and much more.

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Schumacher ATOM 2

At the end of September, Schumacher is going to begin the distribution of the new ATOM 2 1/12th Scale Pan Car. The all-new steel alloy chassis has a low centre of gravity, excellent for maximum cornering speeds. The all new Slide Pivot System is a low friction, bind free design that maximizes rear traction.

The ATOM 2 will be available in a carbon fibre and S2 fibre glass variant, both with the steel alloy chassis. Below, all the features and more images of the chassis.

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Schumacher RC announces the SupaStox ATOM. The kit is the latest innovation in the exciting world of GT12 racing. It features an alloy chassis for ultra low centre of gravity, a new lightweight diff and wheels for low rotating weight, and a host of updates developed by Schumacher’s championship winning drivers and engineers.

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