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Xpress- Arrow AT1 1 10 Shaft drive Touring Car

Shipping right now from Xpress is the 1/10th scale Arrow AT1 Competition Touring Car that features shaft driven 4wd for trouble free performance. Sporting floating gearboxes to include more chassis flex. Specially designed motor mount makes adjusting gear mesh a breeze. The Arrow AT1 features several modern designs that make this car “racing ready” straight from the box!

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GT Competition Pre-Glued Wheels

Xpress has announced their new GT Competition Pre-Glued Wheels featuring 36X or 40X tires and white multi-spoke rims. The wheels uses standard 12mm wheel hexes and 0mm offset and are suitable for 1/10th on-road touring car. The chassis with the multi-spoke rim design enhancing the overall looks and e the 36X and 40X rubber tires ensure a good traction.

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Mid Pulley Conversion Kit

Xpress has shared images of their new Mid Pulley conversion kit for the Execute XQ1 1/10th Scale Touring Car. This kit modifies the transmission with an equal distance for rear and front belts, distributing the motor power better. With the weight shifted forwards, you get a more consistent performing car. This conversion kit will also fit the XQ1S, and will be a solid upgrade to the car. Below more images of the kit.

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Execute XM1

Xpress published the first image of the new Execute XM1 M-class 4WD touring car. The model will arrive in hobby shops in about a month in kit version. The XM1 uses many parts from the XQ1 such one piece bulkheads, ball-raced anti-roll bars and re-designed double joint driveshaft for better handling and high speed cornering.

The model is sold in assembly kit with carbon fibre chassis and top deck, 4WD belt transmission and aluminium shocks.

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