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ARRMA posted a couple of videos of the brand new OUTCAST 4X4 4S BLX. This truck shares the low, lean look of its 6S BLX forerunner in a scaled-down size.


Xray presented the new GTX8 1/8th scale nitro GT. The model is based on the European Championship-winning XB8 off-road platform.

GTX8 1/8th scale nitro GT

Traction Hobby published the first promotional video of their new Founder II 1/8th Scale Rock Crawler. The chassis uses a 4-Link suspension system with 90mm metal shocks.

Founder II 1/8th Scale Rock Crawler

Rock Crawler fans will be happy to know G-Made has presented the new Sawback . The model is sold assembled and ready to run with a new Jeep Military style body.

Sawback Military Edition RTR

Tamiya Mazda 3

Between the models Tamiya has show during the Shizuoka Hobby Show we find a new version of the TT-02 Shaft-Driven 4WD Chassis with a red lower deck and a polycarbonate body replica of the Mazda 3 2019.

Tamiya Mazda 3

The TT-02 chassis has a longitudinal layout with the battery on the left and the motor on the right, to give excellent stability. In addition, it features identical left and right suspension arms and uprights for easy of assembly.

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PL-6213 HV High Voltage Digital Servo

Are you looking for a servo to upgrade a 1/5th model? Powerstar has announced the new PL-6213 HV High Voltage Servo designed for Big Scale Cars.

At operating range of 6.0v the servo pull up to 48kg/cm of torque at a speed of 0.15s and at 7.4v generate 62kg/cm to 0.13s. The PL-6213 HV measure 65.8 x 30 x 57.4mm.

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KO Propo: MC8 multicontroller!

At the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019, our colleagues at RC Monkey have discovered the prototype of a new remote control produced by the Japanese Ko Propo. The MC8 takes the form of video game pads and could revolutionize the world in which the “bashers” (not interested in competitions) will drive their own model cars.


Or maybe it’s just a radio control designed to control robots. What do you think about it?
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Futaba during the Shizuoka Hobby Show has presented the new T32MZ FASSTest transmitter for RC airplane and helicopters. The radio has 18 channel with two displays, one is touchscreen for the telemetry data and the other for general display info.

The transmitter uses a FASSTest communication, contactless potentiometers providing long life and high-end accuracy, GPS, micro USB charging and much more. Below the official video from Futaba.

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Tamiya: Lunch Box Mini

The Shizuoka Hobby Show, the Japanese most important event for RC fans, has opened its doors. We can finally take an up-close look at the new Lunch Box Mini: the new 1/24th scale model part of the “Comical Wheelie Series” looks super-fun and is perfect for all the nostalgist who are still in love with the classic Lunch Box.

Tamiya: Lunch Box Mini

The Lunch Box Mini polycarbonate body is pre-painted and sits on top of the 4WD SW-01 chassis is attached to the body mounts using magnets for quick attachment.

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SWORKZ RC1 Racing partnership

After the end of the 2019 edition of the Silver State Race, SWORKz and RC1-RACING announced their partnership. The complete SWORKz range of racing cars and all spare parts will be available in a couple of weeks. SWORKz boss Max Sonnleitner has the following to say:

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