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Paul Ciccarello signs with AKA Products

The American brand AKA has just signed Paul Ciccarello. So The man, the myth, the legend, Ciccarello will join the AKA team for 2020 and will be a wealth of knowledge at most of the major US based events!

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AKA: Scribble tires Official Announcement

For 2020 AKA has just announce the first of many new tire designs for 1/10 buggies. The Scribble series of tires is a clean sheet redesign. Gil Losi put in over a year’s worth of research and testing to develop the Scribble. Several prototypes were 3D printed every week until the right proportions were achieved. 100’s of hours of track time were spent testing and proving concepts and theories with hand built tires.

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aka Pro Multi Tip Tire Punch

The American brand AKA has just updated its own tire punch, that is probably the best selling in the market. The all new Pro Multi Tip Tire Punch features a new cantilever design to increase punch pressure and reduce hand fatigue. The redesigned handle has plastic cover on the lower handle to more comfortably fit your hand.

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AKA Racing: Snapback hat

Just in time for the summer holidays (the World is facing the hottest summer in human history) the famous US brand AKA Racing has revealed a new gray and black snapback hat with the signature AKA logo.

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