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Despite the popularity of Mini 4WD in Italy, it happens that in some regions isn’t held any Mini 4WD event. Thanks to Mini 4WD Sport after many years of missing, Mini 4WD are back in those places like region of Abruzzo where they were almost forgotten.

Mini 4WD 99 Cup in Abruzzo3
Last month, during the fantasy fest of the city of L’Aquila, were held the “Mini 4WD 99 Cup” organized by Mini 4WD Sport. The first event after the summer break of this 2019 season finale.

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How to start running for Mini 4WD Sport!

Mini 4WD sport is a sporting discipline developed in the modelling field that takes place driving, using a special guide stick, similar to that used in hockey, models with 4-wheel drive in 1:32 scale. Modellers compete individually or in teams on rally or F1 style races.

There is not a sport in the world that combines the running to modelling technique, this peculiarity means that is awarded the ability to combine the three basic skills of the discipline:

  • Running skills (speed, endurance, agility in direction changes)
  • Modelling skills (in order to design and implement a performing model)
  • Specific driving skills

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REPORTAGE: Torino Cup, Italy is 4WD!

Modeling, sport and good company, these are the main ingredients of the Torino Cup, organized by
Mini 4WD Sport and held in the evocative location of Parco Dora on 29 and 30 June 2019.

Many readers will remember the mini 4WD, small 1:32 scale model cars produced by Tamiya and the
animated series that in the 90s saw young modelers clashing in compelling races, piloting their
models using a hockey stick.

In Italy, a group of enthusiasts has made dynamic modeling a true sport-modeling discipline,
organizing events in which the participants confront each other individually or in teams on the most
varied paths.

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