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Horizon Hobby RC Fest 2021 is right around the corner

If you live in the USA don’t forget that Horizon Hobby RC Fest 2021 is right around: on September 10 and 11  at Eli Field (Monticello, Illinois) will be held the biggest hands-on, fun-focused RC event of the year. This two day event will feature an RC airshow, RC product demonstrations, giveaways and more!

Check the official video below!

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 Safari Type 3: The first 2020 Mini 4WD Sport event

The 2020 Dakar rally held in Saudi Arabia has just come to an end, as every year countless teams coming from all around the globe fought for the victory during 5000km of special stages, in a race considered the queen of rally-raid.

Thierry Sabine founder of this legendary competition, used to describe it with this simple phrase:
a challenge for those who dare, and the dream for those who stay”.

The first 2020 Mini 4WD Sport event wants to pay his tribute to the world of rally-raid and to the craziness that characterized car’s projects from ‘80s. February 23rd in Rome “Safari Type 3” is going to be held, an off road race 2Km long reserved only to Type 3 chassis, the most iconic Mini 4WD Chassis produced back in 1989.

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Italy: Mini 4WD Sport Cup Monterotondo

During this year many Mini 4WD Sport events has been held around Italy, the Mini 4WD Sport Cup tournament of 26th and 27th October it were the final competition of this season.
2019 has been a very important year, that saw the growth of passion for this small model cars, with an increasing number of people that started to practice this game that combines modeling and physical activity.

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REPORTAGE: Torino Cup, Italy is 4WD!

Modeling, sport and good company, these are the main ingredients of the Torino Cup, organized by
Mini 4WD Sport and held in the evocative location of Parco Dora on 29 and 30 June 2019.

Many readers will remember the mini 4WD, small 1:32 scale model cars produced by Tamiya and the
animated series that in the 90s saw young modelers clashing in compelling races, piloting their
models using a hockey stick.

In Italy, a group of enthusiasts has made dynamic modeling a true sport-modeling discipline,
organizing events in which the participants confront each other individually or in teams on the most
varied paths.

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Axial Fest 2019

From 24 to 27 July the AxialFest 2019 has been held at Donner Ski Ranch in California. The annual event is the most important for scalers and rock crawler fans around the World and this edition has a “Game” theme.

Axial Fest 2019

Below we can watch together a bunch of videos that will let us check some action from the event!

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Pro-Line By The Fire 2019

Axial Fest is definitely the most popular event for rock crawling and scalers but the “By The Fire” (organized by ProLine) is growing each year. The guys at RC4WD just posted a short event recap video of the 4th edition that has been held on 18th May at Apple Valley in California.

Camping, Multiple Rock Crawling Trails, GPS TREASURE HUNT, Scale Builder Competition at “Scale City” and more!

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