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Exotek- Alettone F1 anteriore e posteriore

Exotek Racing released an extra light front wing and rear wing designed for 1/10 F1 cars such as the Tamiya F104 and the Exotek F1 Ultra or X1. The front wing is moulded nylon with a higher mounting base reducing the chance of dragging on the track and unsettling the car. It weights just 18grams so it reduces the weight that overhangs past the wheels that also unsettles the car.

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LEGO McLaren Formula 1 Race Car box

If you are looking for something different to build, LEGO revealed an a highly detailed Technic replica of the McLaren Formula 1 Team 2022 Race Car. The designers of this set have worked closely with the designers at McLaren Racing. Both sets of experts developed their model at the same time, making this a very special collaboration.

Just like the real car, this LEGO Technic version features a V6 cylinder engine with moving pistons, steering, suspension and differential.

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In recent years F1 models have become increasingly popular and the Japanese Hiro Factory for the joy of the pilots in this category presented the new HRF10X Black Premium 1/10th Scale kit. The chassis is made almost entirely of carbon fiber apart from the engine support, servo, upper deck and front spoiler.
Among the features we find a system that allows adjustment of the camber without the need to change components, making the setup quick and easy.

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RUDDOG Cup Italy

From 13th to 14th October, the indoor MCM Track in Ciserano (Bergamo) will run the RUDDOG Cup, Italy. The competition is divided into 5 categories: Touring 13.5T (EFRA), Touring 13.5T (Ruddog handout motor), Modified, On-Road Truck and F1 1/10th scale.

During the two days of the event, the Associated Team’s Andreas Myrberg will be on track to support and answer questions from all the drivers present.

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