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Exotek- Alettone F1 anteriore e posteriore

Exotek Racing released an extra light front wing and rear wing designed for 1/10 F1 cars such as the Tamiya F104 and the Exotek F1 Ultra or X1. The front wing is moulded nylon with a higher mounting base reducing the chance of dragging on the track and unsettling the car. It weights just 18grams so it reduces the weight that overhangs past the wheels that also unsettles the car.

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Stuttgart 225mm

Exotek Racing has announced their new Stuttgart 225mm Super Car body shell for 4WD touring cars. The body features a wide fenders, aggressive front splitter, low side skirts, lowered stance and of course the unmistakable tuning shop style double wings.

The Stuttgart is designed to produce incredible handling in a lightweight low LCG package while doing it in style and can be also build wingless for a more vintage show car look.

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Exotek Racing: RB7 Pro Steering Rack

Exotek Racing has released two color anodized heavy duty machined 7075 alloy steering rack for the RB, ST and SC series. Designed for use with included 3X6MM ball bearings and crush sleeves for the smoothest and most precise operation. Each package includes four ball bearings, two crush sleeves and two shims.

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Exotek presented the new J-Zero USGT body shell for 1/10th Scale Touring Car 190mm GT classes. The body is designed with splitter, fenders, low slung hood, downforce inducing side skirts and a sports car cockpit for the most aggressive aero package with minimal drag.

The J-Zero USGT has 2 trim lines marked on the bottom -1 for low profile shock towers and the 2nd mark for extra low body mounting on cars such as the Awesomatix AX800.

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Exotek Racing: B6.1 wing mounts and rear hubs

Exotek Racing has released an Heavy duty 7075 alloy wing mounts for the Team Associated B6.1 and B6. Extra durable but machined to be lightweight (10 grams total) and uses the stock wing spacer and hardware to mount your wing. Stealthy black polished base with blue chamfered accents goes great with your stock plastic parts or after market blue parts.

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Exotek RS7

Exotek presented the new RS7 Lightweight Pro conversion chassis for the 1/10th Tamiya TA07 touring car. The 2.25mm carbon fiber chassis is designed to add new features to the TA07, like an adjustable battery mount which allows easy weight adjustments and new tabs that hold the LiPo without tape.

The conversion set also features a one piece 7075 alloy motor mount that is 4 grams lighter than the original, a pulley 3mm lower and a new position for the motor giving an even lower center of gravity.

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R-Tek GT


Exotech, famous for the production of conversion kits and optional parts for the most popular RC brands, has introduced the USGT / GT classes R-Tek GT 190mm Body Shell. The body has 2 trim lines marked on the bottom, one for low profile shock towers and a second setup mark for extra low body mounting on cars such as the AX800.

The wing also has 2 trim lines, one is the 10mm USGT legal trim line and a second with a 20mm trim line similar to sedan wings for extra downforce.

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