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Hong Nor: X3GT/GTS CNC Gearbox Conversion Kit

Hong Nor Racing has just released their new X3GT-37 CNC front/rear gear box conversion kit. This kit fits X3GT and X3GTS models and is designed to improve suspension support, provide more stability during high speed cornering, and provide more convenient maintenance.

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2019 X3 GTS

Hong Nor published some images of the upcoming 2019 X3 GTS 1/8th Scale Nitro GT kit. The model features many aluminum parts: 7075 CNC chassis, 6 degree C hub suspension brackets, driveshafts with center joint cups and aluminum brake caliper and brake discs.

The transmission uses a 3-shoe clutch and sealed differentials drive system with 43 tooth bevel gear and 13 tooth pinion.

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Hong Nor has published the first image of the new X3 GTS 1/8th Scale Nitro GT Pro KIT on its Facebook page. The model will arrive in hobby shops next year. At the moment there is no information apart from this image. Watch this space for the next update.

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