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lego A suspension design that allows to have a remotely locked differential without adding extra width.

If you are into LEGO RC models you will be happy to discover that he legendary Technic designer Sariel has just addressed the well-known problem of open LEGO differentials, which are prone to slip situations (when one wheel has less traction than the other, it becomes the only driven wheel on the axle which can stop the whole vehicle) and which can be locked but this results in very wide suspension units which are unusable for most models.

As you can see in the video below, moving the differential up, however, it’s possible to keep the suspension’s width unchanged at the cost of added height.

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Redcat Racing: Gen8 Scout CNC Steel Gear Set Install video

Out of the box the Everest Gen8 is the perfect scale RC vehicle for exploring off-road terrain, but there comes a point where you wanna customize it. Redcat Racing have posted a new “How to” video that focus on installing the CNC Steel Gear Set (RER11474). This option part replaces the stock composite plastic Mod 1 gears.

The video shows what tools you need and what parts need to be removed to access the gears in the transmission and transfer case, and then illustrates how to properly install the new precision gear set.

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