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F21 Low Profile Formula Tyres

Sweep Racing has released the all new F21 Low Profile Formula Tyres based 2021 real Formula 1 tyre rules. The F21 F1 tyres has been designed to meet the real Formula 1 tyre rules as front 270mm and rear 405mm and bring it to F1 R/C racing to make it more realistic. Front 27mm narrow and rear 40mm width tyres are fitting perfect with new inch-up size front and rear wheels.

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Sweep Racing has presented their new off-road tyres for 1/8th Scale Buggy. The SWEEPER have rounded side pins in order to have smooth felling around the corners and easy driving on high grip conditions. The wide center pins extended running time and newly designed V6 carcass provides smooth feeling on the track.

The SWEEPER off-road tyres are available on Gold, Yellow, Silver, Blue, and red and also X compounds each of them.

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Wide Heavy-duty

Sweep Racing has announced the SRC (Wide Heavy-duty) wheels for 1/8th Scale Monster Truck. These wheels were developed for the SRC Terrain Crusher or Road Crusher belted tires and come with a 1/2″ offset. The wheels provide more stable steering, even during high speed driving, and less trouble with suspension arms. The WHD wheels come in matte black color, chrome blue and chrome red.

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